Monday, July 23, 2012

My poor neglected blog!

I haven't posted here in forever!  *If* anyone is still reading this... I apologize for the absence.  I guess I just didn't have anything to say or didn't feel like saying it here. 

Let's see... since my last post at the beginning of  May what's new?

- In mid-May I changed jobs @ work.  Still work in the same branch, just a different division and a more technical type job.  Going from reporting on IT outages to working in a group that does mainframe support.  It's a steep learning curve, but I'm really enjoying all this new stuff to learn :)

- I ran the 10km on May 26th right at the end of being off for a week with bronchitis.  Finish time 1:46:06, which considering I was only able to actually run the first 5km and hobble, speedwalk and cough my way across the finish after the last 5km, I'm not gonna complain.  Just kept telling myself that all I wanted was to finish under 2 hours before they closed the race... and I did it.  Next year I should be able to beat that time no problemo!!

- On June 23rd I ran 8km Perth Kilt Run.  I felt much better than when I did the 10km in May, but I still hadn't pumped up my mileage enough to be my usual Speedy Gonzales (HA!) so I finished with a decent time of 1:25. 

- In July I don't have any races and there are none in August either so I'm taking advantage of this time to try and switch up my diet to remove as many carbs as possible without making myself insane (white carbs mostly like sugar, flour, rice & pasta)  It's been a week and so far I haven't assaulted anyone... stay tuned :D

Upcoming races:
- 5km on Saturday September 22nd - Zombie run in Orillia Ontario
- 5km on Sunday September 23rd - Army Run in Ottawa Ontario
- 5km on Sunday September 30th - Run for the Cure (Breast Cancer Awareness)
- 5km or 10km (undecided) on Sunday October 21st - Rattle me Bones Halloween Run