Monday, October 26, 2009

The Spud is on fire, but the cough still remains!

Tonight's run was fantastic!  So good to see Alex again.  Wish I could have brought the great 25 degree weather back with me, but despite the cold, we had a really good run.  I ran through all the running segments and managed to catch my breath much quicker that during our last run.

The doctor's scale today said that I'm 5 pounds lighter than in April (Yay!)

I just need to get rid of this cough, drop more poundage and things will be golden :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Spud is fried but ready to get back at it!!!

Almost 2 weeks away from the training schedule and I thought I was going to be in big trouble, thought I'd gain weight, thought I wouldn't be motivated to continue.... well think again folks!!!

I did not run while I was in Las Vegas, however I walked my ass off... almost literally!!!  Every day we would walk up and down the strip, one day I walked for almost two hours and I think all the walking paid off in many ways.

#1  I didn't gain any weight while I was away even tho I tried to not overeat, there still wasn't much fruit and veg around.
#2  I didn't gain, but I lost inches!!!  I put my jeans on to take the plane home because we were going to get into colder weather, and when i pulled the jeans on they were so loose in the hips and legs it was insane!
#3  The last payoff I'm not sure of yet, but I'm thinking all the walking and toning of the legs will translate into strength that will help me perform better.

Here are my old measurements from a previous post in September:\
Chest = 50 inches  Waist = 46  Hips = 54
Today's measurements:
Chest = 50 inches  Waist = 46  Hips = 50  Thighs = L-22  R-22  Calves = L-16  R-17

Again, my laziness bites me in the butt for not tracking the Thights and Calves, however I think the 4 inch loss in the hips is pretty significant.. I can only hope that getting back on the program will help me loose inches in the middle, that's where I am visually the thickest and it bugs me!  I don't like being a 2 litre coke bottle, I'd rather be a curvy coke bottle with a real waist :D

I'm really motivated to continue and get back at it because I know I can do it.  If those people on the biggest loser can drop 10 to 20 pounds in a week, then I can drop at least 2 pounds a week and countless inches.

The downside of the vacation was that there is lot's of smoking in all the casinos, so my cough was always aggravated and never seemed to get a chance to go away.  It was a bummer to be coughing and sneezing all the time while there, so during the last few days, I tried to stay out of the casinos as much as possible and just go shopping and walking :)

I'd like to go for a run tomorrow if the weather isn't too horrible and if I'm not still messed up with the time difference.  If it's raining, I may just go to the gym and run on the treadmill because I think I'm going to be doing much more of that as the rain and cold continues.

ps  210 days left to race day, time to tighten the laces and get back at it!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Went to the gym and spent 30 mins on the treadmill and then 30 mins on the elliptical.  Woohoo!  466 calories burned!  And now I'm wiped out hehehe  I hope going to the gym on the off days from running will show some movement on the scale and help my lungs get back in shape.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Spud is kicking ass and taking names...

Ok, so..  this time out was much better than Monday.  Yesterday I went to the gym and did 20 mins on the elliptical and 20 mins on the treadmill.. just for extra burn....figured that the extra "movement" is not only good for some extra caloric burn, but will also strengthen my legs and help my lungs break their mucus-like restraints. 

So back to today's outing... the ball diamond was a bit soggy, but it wasn't raining when we went out.. the wind was cold and the clouds were really dark and foreboding.  I struggled but finished all the running segments except one that I had to end 3 seconds early.  I'm getting better again, but it still takes the whole walking segment for me to catch my breath... I'm sure Alex is worried about whipping out the defibrillator or being really worried about being forced to give me mouth to mouth.  Settle down you pervs!

So I'm going to finish off this week still doing week 2 of the program.  I'm going to bring my running shoes with me to Vegas so that I can hopefully get in a few runs, but at the very least I hope to walk my ass off.. literally!  hahaha  I'm really hoping like crazy that this flu/cold thing will be gone.. totally gone by the time I fly to Vegas.  Last time we took a trip, I was on the plane going to Jamaica and I could feel myself getting sick as we were flying towards our beautiful tropical destination.  Sore throat, running nose and sneezing was not only not attractive, but not very fun while on vacation.  That's it that's all.. no more being sick!  Begone evil sickness!

Spud out...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Spud is on the run...

Back in the running shoes and it feels good.  I missed a whole week due to the flu, but I finally got back at it last night.  It was hard, and I was having a hard time finishing all of the running segments, but I did the whole workout minus a few seconds.  My lungs feel like there is a tight band around them and I just can't seem to suck in enough air.  I thought it felt like that before, but it's not quite the same, before I could recover during the walking sections much quicker, last night I was still catching my breath and then the voice would say "run now"  ohhhhhh not yet!

Next week I'm in Vegas for about 10 days and I'm bringing my sneakers with me.  I'm hoping to start week 3 next week, but we'll see how well this week goes.