Monday, February 15, 2010

The ups and downs of being a Spud

Well the past  week was ups and downs, but mainly in points:
Monday - 40
Tuesday - 21
Wednesday - 39
Thusday - 30
Friday - 28
Saturday - 37
Sunday - 28

So as you can see, I was all over the place and to add insult to injury I didn't go to the gym even once.  I know, dumb dah dumb dumb.  Race weekend is T minus 104 days and I'm still not into level 5, which means I'll finish the race in about 40 to 45 minutes... with the people that are walking.  I was hoping to be a few minutes faster than them.. yanno?  lol  On the   upside... didn't gain... but still didn't loose either.  One hell of a fantastic maintenance program I'm on eh?

Well i'm not going to beat myself up over it, just going to push hard for the last 100 or so days and see what that gives me.  I think part of my problem is that my gym membership is up for renewal and I'm really not interested in renewing to go to a place that annoys the fark out of me.  The only reason I go is for the treadmill because it's too cold and slippery outside.  Call me a wuss if you want, but broken ankles and butt bones are not a good thing in my book.  I'm struggling with the idea of dropping the membership and buying a treadmill, but then my frosted side worries that my wheatie side won't work out enough at home... ARRRGGGHHH  If I was rich, this shit wouldn't be an issue LOL  I'd hire some fabulous hunk to be my personal trainer and have him stand at the front of the treadmill  like a big hunky carrot......... *ahem* ok I'm back! 

I'm also pondering the wisdom of going to a bunch of weight watchers meetings... 16 weeks is 210 bucks.... that would take me up and past the race time... and if I don't want to pay more, I could stop going to the meetings... not sure... I may just read more info on the message boards, but I definitely don't want to join online, because I'd never read everything I have to read.... to me internet stuff at home is sporadic... during commercials, while having dinner, while cooking dinner etc, etc.  I'm worried the online stuff would require more focus and concentration.  Besides you *need* to get weighed in front of people for it to shaming you into action LOL  That and the fact that your hard earned dollars are wasting away if you don't actually lose some weight when you're going.  It would be good to have a WW leader to talk too once in awhile... oh well, we'll see :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Less than Spudtastic

Monday - Went to the dentist after work... got a bunch of fillings done and my mouth was hurting when the freezing started to die down, so I skipped the run.. doesn't take much does it? *lopsided pout* - 27 points

Tuesday - Swim night!  Last night of our swim course.  Either didn't work as hard as normal or i'm getting used to the arm work.  And then when we got home, we had pizza.  So I ate a whopping 62 points today... 24 of that was for the pizza... ok, back on the wagon tomorrow!

Wednesday - Grocery night, so that took some time out of my night.  Came home and put it all away, made supper, took a break and then used the Gazelle for 30 to 40 mins. - 29 points

Thursday - Doctor's appointment in the afternoon.  Same weight as last physical, no change.  But good blood pressure, good resting heart rate.  Doc is happy with my fitness plans and she wants me to keep up the good work - 30 points

Friday - Went to the Running Room @ Merivale and signed up for the 5k running clinic. Wooo!  Can't wait! - 29 points

Saturday - Cleaned house, friends coming over over for dinner, not bothering to count points today because I know i'm going way off the charts again, but by the scale it won't seem to matter because I don't lose or gain it seems.  I am eating so much fibre that I feel like a carboard factory!!!!  ewww  - too many points!

Sunday - Went and hung out with Alex at the mall and tried to be good, but ate out so i'm not sure what kind of points I ate... we had salad and I also had some soup, but who knows what the points are like.  I'll say that I hit at least 30 points, if not more even if I only ate 2 meals.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Spud tracking like crazy

Monday - Went to the gym ... 2 treadmills broken... tons of grumpy gym goers all over the place.  I spent 30 minutes on the bike and 15 mins on the stair-climber.  I wanted to run dammit!  grrr  33 points

Tuesday - Went to swim class and think I worked the H2o pretty good.  28 points

Wednesday - Had a dentist appointment, and then managed to get to the gym at 3:15 before the big rush of people that I usually encounter around 3:45.. it was awesome!  I ran level 4 day 2 all the way from beginning to end without stopping.  Woohooo, totally psyched, even if my mouth was kinda sore from the dentist... and I got to get the hell out of there before being mobbed by ... well the mob hahahah  32 points

Thursday - Soup night in our house.  Made two different zero point soups... one for the cautious soup eater and one for the veggie lover :P  Day of rest from the gym, not sore, but a bit tender in some places.  Still want to go running again, but on the 2nd day gotta rest :)  28 points today.

Friday - Should run, but have a comedy show to go to so pushing the run to Saturday... nice to go to the gym when it's not a rushed after work thing.  28 points

Saturday - Shouldn't have ignored the run that i was supposed to do last pj's today and relaxing at home is not conducive to wanting to get dressed, go out in the cold, run on a treadmill and then go back out in the cold... brrrr  30 points

Sunday - Peeved, peeved, peeved.  Spent the whole week at close to 30 points (except for the Monday @ 33 dropped myself down to 30 after that) and figured I'd get at least a 5 pound weight loss and nothing, nada, zip.  Guess i need to revamp the foods i'm eating... make sure there's not too much sodium... I'm bummed.  I don't even get a reward for my first full week.  I remember back in the day I would start a diet and loose 11 pounds... I can't even loose an ounce.... BLEH!  So just for all that.. i ate for 47 points because taking it out on myself is helpful... NOT  So i'll get back on the wagon tomorrow... all while grumbling to myself :P