Monday, December 14, 2009

Tis the season to be a slacking Spud!!

Yup, you got it... last week I did not run... but according to Alex, the "power swim" on Tuesday counts :P  It doesn't count as part of running in my book, but it's better than nothing.  I did not lay about and hoover back bon bons while I was slacking from the running.... I was working late, xmas shopping and attending xmas parties.... tough gig, but somebody has to do it.

One thing shopping for a party dress for the xmas party made me realize ...if I were a size 14 or even a 16, I could have paid a third of the price I paid for the dress I bought.... thinner definitely is cheaper in many ways...Not to say that I didn't look smashing and very sparkly, but more smashing is always good.

This week I think I'll continue with level 4, but may dip my toe into level 5 since I forsee next week becoming difficult to schedule in 3 runs.

We'll see how it goes.... wish me luck!!!.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Putting the Spud through the machine

Alex and I were talking the other day and we decided that a once a week update of the blog should be the minimum since we're working out apart.. unless of course something noteworthy happens.  So don't feel like I'm slacking off, or hiding from everyone... I'm still kicking ass and taking names... just really slowly hahaha

So, this week... working on level 4... and it is KICKING MY A$$!!  lol but in a good way.... i think.

Here is what level 4 looks like
5 mins warm-up walk
3 mins run
1:30 min walk
5 mins run
2:30 walk
3 mins run
2:30 walk
5 mins run
5 mins cool down walk

PHEW!  So it was hard and on top of that I also did one session at home on my eliptical machine and that had well... torrents of sweat pouring down LOL  Poor John came home from the store and wondered what all the heavy breathing was about :P

I'm definitely going to repeat this level again next week.. and maybe the week after :P  Xmas is coming and I'm not sure how I'll manage with keeping up the workout, but I've been watching the Biggest Loser for the first time and that show really inspires me a lot.  I don't think I could loose 100 pounds in 6 months or whateer crazy thing they do because I've got to work for a living and sleep at some point in my day hahaha  But I think 3 good sessions of running, plus the swimming and then a few days of working on the treadmill or my eliptical at home should really help with stamina, strength and maybe even some more inches/pounds gone.

I'll say one thing... if I had the cash, I would buy that Bodybugg (tm) that they use on the contestants... it tells you how many calories consumed and how many calories burned... that would be some awesome information to have .. expecially to see how much your exercise is making a difference.... but the damn thing is about 200+ dollars plus there is a membership to a website to manage the data from the arm band and the wrist watch.... siigh... a girl can dream right? LOL

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Foward crawling Spud

So Alex, John, Jen and I signed up for an adult learn to swim class.  No we're not naked, it just means there are no kids in the group... well except for the instructors who seem to be maybe 13 or 14 LOL

We all know how to swim in varying degrees, most at least dog paddle and some of us are ninja experts at imitating floatation devices (fat floats baby!  look at me just wallowing like a hippo!)  The first lesson was last Tuesday and it's about 45 mins.. they started off by quickly figuring out who couldn't swim much at all and who were ready to learn the various strokes.  All of us proudly made the cut to the advanced 201 class and they quickly taught us the flutter kick while leaning back on a pool noodle or against the side of the pool.  Then they taught us the forward crawl to combine with the flutter kick.  To me that one has always been the hardest stroke (even though I didn't know the name of it) because you have to have your face in the water for the majority of it until you poke out to breathe on the side.  I didn't bring my goggles, because I didn't want to look like a keener/geek, boy did I regret that.. I forgot how much chlorine goes into a public pool.  But that aside I think we all did fairly well, some were breathing harder than others, but overall it was a great relaxing exercise class.  I think we all slept like logs that night!

Tonight we're supposed to go again, but I'm having tummy issues, I do however have my 1 piece, towel and goggles ready to go if I feel better by 7.  I knew i missed swimming (grew up with a pool in our backyard and the sea 15 mins away) but I didn't realize how much I missed swimming.  John is going to pick up their schedule and maybe we'll all go for one of the "free swim" nights to get more time in the water.

Spud floatation device out!