Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Grilled Spud

So it's nice and hot this past week, and the weather netowrk predicts a hot race weekend too. Saturday's forecast keeps changing everytime I look, but today it said 24 and sunny.. Well we won't get cold!

I've run the 5km on the treadmill a few times now, so I know for a fact that I will finish and that my time on the treadmill being about 60 mins, gives me something to aim for when I'm out on the street.

I missed the "dry run" around the canal on Thursday, but that couldn't be helped. Sometimes life just takes over instead of your best laid out plans :P

I'm very tired today after the long weekend... want more sleep and time off :*( But at least there is one less day to get to next weekend. Gonna be a busy week!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Spud on wheels!

So I got tired of waiting for my reward for completing the 5km and went out and bought myself a bike :P I didn't ride it, don't have a lock for it, but wanted to buy it because it was on sale and it's purple :P I need to get the seat and handlebars adjusted and get all the bits oiled. I think shopping for it was almost as much fun as buying it. The downside is trying to stick it in my car is going to be an issue. Fits great into John's Honda Fit (hence the name, everything fits in there) but my Echo is going to be fun. I could probably take the front tire off, but the brakes are kind of in the way. Well, I'll have to give it a "shove it in the trunk" test run at some point.

Alex is in full packing and moving mode, so she's going to be sore and she's going to miss Thursday night's run with the running room peeps, but that's not bad considering all the runs I missed throughout the year!

I think our run last week was 4.4km and this week we're going up to 4.8km. I am 200% certain that I will reach my goal of finishing the 5km and I think I'll probably do it in about 50 to 60 mins. Apparently the power walkers can finish it in 40 mins LOL I know it's scary how they can kick ass, but that's ok, my first goal was just to finish... next year, I can cut my time in half *hopefully* and the year after I might train for the 10km if I do well enough with the 5km.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hey everyone, still running at home and with the Running Room peeps... still kicking ass and taking names... with a pen!!

We're uping our distance slowly but surely.

We've gone from fairly regular 3km runs 10:1 runs x 3 and this week we're getting close to 3.8 kms, so it'll probably be 10:1 x 4.... 3 more weeks and we'll be up to 5kms!

Not much to report otherwise, I did learn that drinking too much water before a run feels like running with a stitch in your side... wasn't a stitch... just burps lol