Friday, February 25, 2011

I've been bad *spank*

Been so long since I posted!  BAD BAD ME!

So since the last blog post, I lost the 2 pound gain YAY!!

I haven't started up the Shred level 2 yet, been busy concentrating on running because I have a race coming up soon (March 12) and I wanted to make sure that I got up to 5km well before the race :)

This week has been a really really really big challenge... I had 4 social engagements, which meant 4 different restaurant meals.  I tried to look up menus online, pick the best choices, but sometimes what you thought was a great choice, was just horribly wrong.

First restaurant was a buffet type restaurant, I stuck mostly to veggies, fish and proteins I recognized.  Stayed away from the pastas, salads and dishes with sauces.  I think that trip went fairly well.

Second restaurant I choose an asian stir fry with chicken... figured there would be lot's of veggies, chicken, some brown rice noodles and some sauce... Well there was almost no veggies, tons of noodles and the whole thing was swimming in soya sauce.  *sigh*

Third restaurant was a Japanese restaurant, so I did very well at that restaurant because I knew which Sushi rolls were the best choices and stuck to those :)

Fourth restaurant was an Italian/Irish pub... the menu was impossible... I had no way of not eating a ton of points there, but then the waitress said that the special was pasta with steamed veggies and a chicken breast... score!

I used all my daily points on most days, used all my weekly allowance points and even dipped into my activity points a bit, but when I look back at the week in general it could have been an absolutely horrible week.  Basically I fell off the wagon, but I never lost sight of it... I kept running behind it trying to catch up :)  I earned a lot of activity points again this week.

All said and told, i'm still not confident that I've lost weight this week.... Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

30 day Shred complete!

I did it!  *virtual cartwheel*  I managed to finish the 30 day Shred challenge.  It took me 35 days to complete the challenge, so I figure that's close enough :)

I haven't taken my *after* pics yet because I just ran 4km and I'm a bit wiped out hehehe.

I can post my results in inches:

January 10th was the start date and here are those stats:

Chest:  47"
Waist:  46"
Hips:  50"

On Saturday February 12th these were my most recent measurements:

Chest:  45"
Waist:  43"
Hips:  48"

My last weigh in at Weight Watchers wasn't great, I gained 2 pounds, but in my defense it was definitely biological due to "that time of the month" therefore this Saturday I expect my weight to be back on track and maybe even quite spectacular :)

Before that unfortunate setback my total weight loss for the first 2 weeks at Weight Watchers was 8 pounds... Totally sweet right?  Another 4 pounds and I hit my 5% which is the first goal that they set for you when you startup... the next goal is 10%... which would take me all the way down to 219... but first.. I'll be so excited to hit the 220s.

Next physical challenge is the 30 day Shred level 2!  I'm mean why not right?  I've proven to myself that I can do a 20 minute workout before work as well as an evening treadmill walk or run....I see no reason to stop Shredding now!

Pics coming soon!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day twenty five to day twenty seven - Still chugging along

I can't believe i'm almost done!!  27 days under my belt... I'm amazed.  Along with the 30 day Shred I've been doing lot's of walking and running because I have a race coming up on March 12th... a St. Patty's day race with my friend Vicky..YAY!  Add to that a weight loss of 8 pounds in two weeks.

~~~~I AM STOKED~~~~

Ok, back to your regular schedules... i'm off to get to bed... it's past my bedtime!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day twenty to day twenty four - Still Shredding and WW is for losers

Monday to Saturday I completed days nineteen to twenty four... taking today as a day off of all exercise.  Last week I Shredded and walked or ran everyday, which made me feel great :)  One more week of Shred and I'll be posting my final review and maybe some pictures if you all promise to be nice and not make fun of my rolls LOL

This week I plan to continue with the same strategy since it seems to have worked out well... I lost 2.5 pounds at my Saturday weigh I've lost a total of 8 pounds woohoooo!  WW is for losers baby!  I really like the points plus plan... fruit and veggies are my friend :)

Today is super bowl Sunday and I've eaten a lot, but still haven't wiped out all my weekly allowance... but still, i can't believe how easy it is to rack up the points when you nibble a wee bit of chocolate here and a few rice crisps really add up, so I'm glad I'm keeping track....

Onward and downward!