Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lack of postage.. due to great weather!

Sorry for my lack of postage, it's not because I didn't buy stamps, it's because the weather has been fantastic!  Most around here would say it's too effin' hot @ 30 to 37 celcius (86 to 98 farenheit for my US friends) , but I love 30/90 degree weather, especially since I lost weight. 

When I was 320, I would be bathed in sweat at this temperature and not sleep for days without central air... that's me, sweaty and high maintenance :)  Now in the 220's/230's I love heat, but still enjoy central air to sleep.... I think i'm prepping for retirement in Arizona or Nevada :)

I don't have any races scheduled until September or October, I decided to not sign up for a race unless there is bling involved (see my high maintenance comment).  I have, however, been walking some long distances in lieu of running.  I've done a few 8km or 9km walks during the heat.  If I were ever to get out of bed early enough to go for a run in the morning before work (Kicks own ass) then I would definitely run over walk with cooler temps. 

I figure movement is good, and since I can't move too fast in the heat, I'll move for longer times/distances.

That's it for now... more updates soon... :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Perth Kilt Run... well we walked it :)

Saturday July 2nd a bunch of us got together in Perth Ontario to walk or run the largest Kilt run (Made Guinness World Records 2 years in a row!)

This all started a few months ago when Alex's friends started talking about running the race.  Alex didn't want to run it because of her knee, so she asked me and her other friend Laura if we'd walk the 8km distance with her.  We both thought it would be cool to get a "sports kilt" and spend the day with friends.

I'd never been to Perth before, and neither had Alex, but we decided we'd carpool and google map with my Iphone.  It's not a really big town, so we drove there, parked where we thought it was close-ish to the race area and it turned out we were right.  Asked around and got pointed in the right direction, picked up our kilts and race bibs and found some of Alex's friends shortly after.

I was a bit dismayed at first that my kilt was not like everyone else's.  It didn't have the same tartan, it didn't have the belts on the side closure.  But then I realized it was way cooler... it had a big strip of velcro to close it, a secret pocket, a crest at the closure that said "Sport Kilt" and best of all, the material was thinner than the main kilt!  Turns out, Laura and a bunch of other people had the same kilt, so I was happy I wasn't the only one.

We lined up for the race

and a really loud gun went off... ZOOM, everyone took off and we began to mosey LOL

Before we knew it we were quite far behind the pack.

But it didn't matter because we had a great time... we felt like VIP's followed the whole time by a golf cart

Fun times with fun people

The walk was fun, but we had one complaint... being so far behind the pack, so far that we couldn't see them, it was difficult for us to know where to go.. the route was loopy and looped back towards the finish line and had us turn off to the right 10 feet before the finish line... what a tease!  It was really confusing in areas were there really weren't any volunteers, so I kept turning and asking the golf cart ladies and they seemed to know most of the time.  I'm just sayin' a few well placed arrows wouldn't have hurt :)

Now I need to sign up for more races, I haven't run much lately, so I need to get my butt on track again.