Friday, January 22, 2010

The Spud is back on track and jumping mental hurdles.....

So the week after my last post... BANG... massive head cold.. sneezing, stuffed up and headache for over a week.  I didn't even want to get out of my pj's much get out of the house and go to the gym... Now I feel like I'm falling behind schedule... *pout*

Tuesday we did an excellent swim class with several swims up and down the lane.. I was out of breath a few times, but it was a great primer exercise to get me feeling closer to normal.

Wednesday I decided that I absolutely had to go back to gym to run.  Back to the routine, back to feeling normal again, back on the treadmill which is most important of all considering the race is just over 4 months away.  A big hurdle in any of my many  fitness endeavors has always been the difficulty in returning to my routine after a break such as Xmas holidays or illness.  All day Tuesday I'm having the mental discussion with myself about "you know you really need to get back to it, time is a wasting" "Oh man, come on, I'm so tired!" "Quit your whining and go to the gym dammit!"  I decided by the end of the work day that I was going for sure.  Then I'm sitting in the car driving towards the gym and I'm still fighting with myself because I feel drained and really just want to veg out..... I mean my damn eyes feel droopy like in a boring lecture at school.... but more mental yelling at myself and I make it to the gym.

As a side note:  When the hell are these New Years Resolution people going to fall off the wagon and leave my gym!!!  Sheesh!  Anyway...I'm in the change room backed into a tiny corner changing.... still debating the wisdom of coming to the gym.  I'm mentally kicking and screaming the whole way.  I manage to score a treadmill without waiting and decide on the spot that I can do level 4 again even though I've been away from it for at least a month.  I pull up my mental britches and dig into the program... I get the first 3 minute run under my belt and I start to feel the cobwebs drift from my mind.  I keep plugging at it and get the first 5 minute run under my belt and I feel the adrenaline start to pump and it holds me through the whole thing except for the last 2 minutes of the last 5 minute run when my lungs and legs pull out of the race... er literally.... so I just walk for the last 7 minutes, but still feel like I've jumped a pretty big hurdle in my mental pattern of failure or resistance to success as some self help gurus would say.

Thursday I've got sore thighs, but all is good, I'm still feeling the running mojo in me and I'm jazzed that I'm back at it again.  Friday I've got plans to pick up a co-worker's donation to my ever growing horde of exercise machines... a Gazelle!  So I run a bunch of errands after work and then I pick up the free Gazelle.  Take it home, have supper and a bit of a break to digest and then I hop onto it while I watch Biggest Loser.  I ran full tilt on it for about 20 mins.  Not sure how many calories it burns or how much "good" it can do in my workout plan, but I gotta say it's really quiet and I think I might try and add it as a morning exercise.  I certainly had jello legs when I was done LOL

On another side note, but still relevant, Alex, myself and John are going to attempt to follow the Weight Watchers momentum plan.  So if you see me post numbers in my blog, it's mainly for Alex and John so that we can stay accountable to each other, sort of a "big brother" or sister is watching in the hopes of shaming myself into staying on track.  My daily points are 33... Tuesday I used up all 33 points :P  Wednesday 33, Thursday 31 and Friday 33.  So good so far :)  Tomorrow friends are coming over, so hopefully I'll be able to keep up the good record.

Sorry for the long post... but it's been awhile... and Alex said that I should blog about the hurdles... yeah, that's it... blame it on Alex hehehehe

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Slowly Spudding my way into full gear....

Christmas holidays are fun, they are awesome, full of gifts, visiting with friends and family, at least a few stat days off and last but not least.... food. I didn't run for at least 3 weeks, but I still ran around doing groceries, xmas shopping, baking for cookie exchanges and cleaning house.  I ate pretty much whatever I wanted, but tried to not totally crazy :P  After all that.. I didn't gain any weight.. yay me, but I feel like a slug on a rug on drugs... I need to rev up the Spud-O-nator again :P

I haven't run yet this week, but I've been working out with the Wii fit and my Jillian Michaels game (trainer from the Biggest Loser)  I figure I could take another week away from running just to ease myself back off the couch and into "movement mode".

I'm also tweeking my diet a lot, trying to focus a lot on veggies and fruit hoping that they will fill me up before I reach for something else.  Veggie soups, veggie snacks, apple slices and some almonds should be good for me at work and at home I'm going to also use the veggie soup and some chicken boobs... we'll see how that goes.

So I'm aiming to be back on the treadmill next week... and now I leave you to go sweat a bit ... you know, it's like sweating with the oldy  :P

Spud out!