Friday, August 10, 2012

Iron Acquired! But supplies running out...

I got two refills of inject-able Iron on Wednesday, but the Pharmacist pulled me aside to tell me that they expire on September 1st 2012.   So I have to use them up fairly quick-like otherwise they seem to think various body parts will fall off... or something equally horrible.  I'm running pretty low (or at least it really feels that way) so I reassured the pharmacist that I would take both dosages a week apart and that should be OK since I haven't had any for over a year.  He didn't seem worried... just walked away nodding.  How reassuring!

The fact that they sent me soon to be expired medication leads me to believe that this pharmacy will most likely run out of injectable iron as well.  FRIG!

*stomps feet*
*holds breath*
*temper tantrum on the floor*


Ok, that didn't resolve anything, but the whining about it helps ME feel better LOL

I'll worry about the lack or iron in another month or so when I try and get more, but I know it's going to be a big pain in the butt :(

I need ideas for my Zombie costume for the upcoming Zombie race... I'm drawing a blank... must need iron... there's iron in brains right?   BRAIIIINS!  *stumble, stumble, shuffle, shuffle*

Friday, August 3, 2012

Ironing out the details...

I saw my family doctor (finally!) for a physical after almost 3 years.  Yeah, they are supposed to be yearly, however her office has a weird system wherein you have to phone every morning after 8:30 and see if she has any open spots... regardless of what the issue, or non-issue until you can get an appointment.  In my previous job is was difficult to get an appointment, not because my boss would want more notice (she was aware of the difficulties), but because it was difficult for me to remember or have the free time to call at 8:30.  I start work at 7:30, therefore by 8:30 my day is in full swing and I'm not thinking of physicals.

Apparently time flies, and while time was flying I did nothing to rectify my lack of follow up for a yearly physical.  I'm not on any meds really, and the one prescription I have for inject-able Iron was still valid... or so I thought.  I mentioned in a previous post that I'm starting to feel run down and tired all the time... again which is an indication that I should gear up and start taking iron regularly again.  So I went to my pharmacy and their one supplier was closed down and the other was out of stock... so I needed a new prescription and a alternative to the first iron prescribed.

For some reason I believed bringing up my iron levels would let me coast for several more years without having issues... DUH!!!  I'm not usually that stupid, but this is a mix of stupid, procrastination and time really does fly!  I seriously thought it had only been a year and change, possibly close to 2 years... not close to 3 years!!!  So super bad me!  *SPANK*  Part of the procrastination is due to the fact that giving myself these injections always produces a really ugly looking blotch on my leg that looks like a bruise... vanity can lead women to do stupid things... I am living proof!

In the end I did see my family doc, all is well except for the tired part (it's already tough to get out for run in the best of conditions, never mind low iron me) she poked, she prodded and she pronounced me good to go with a new prescription for Iron with the warning that I might have to change pharmacies if my current one's suppliers still couldn't fill it.  After work yesterday I went to my pharmacy:  no iron available for the foreseeable future.  I almost cried, I was stuck in traffic for 40 mins to get there, plus low iron me is extra emotional.  I went home, ate some pizza and resolved to call around to every pharmacy if needed to get some iron.  So today before calling everyone in the world, I went to the pharmacy in the mall attached to my work building and success!  They will have some iron as soon as next week.  YAY! and PHEW!

While I wait for iron, I get to enjoy a long weekend of cleaning and hopefully some walks/runs and some crafting thrown in for good measure.