Monday, August 22, 2011

6 great weeks

This summer has been really great.  Great weather, great friends, great BBQs and best of all great weigh ins!

I've added a tablespoon of ground flax seed and walnut pieces to my morning yogurt along with the cinnamon.  I like the way it tastes and the flax seed and walnut pieces only come up to 2 points which I can afford at this point.  hehehe no pun intended

Strangely enough I haven't had salmon since I posted about the 6 secret tips to fat loss :)

I've started running again, the weather cools off nicely in the evenings so i've had a few 2.5km runs.  I have a 5km race coming up on September 18th, so I have to haul ass and try and get faster than last year...I was enjoying the heat, but while still being overweight, too much heat + running is not a good plan.

*fingers crossed* for the Army run :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

6 tips to fight fat. Fact or fiction?

I read an article recently with 6 tips on how to fight fat.  Most of the tips seemed pretty reasonable:

1.  Drink water with lemon. 
Mix 1/2 lemon with hot water and stevia first thing every morning to cleanse your liver

2.  Flax seed. 
Grind up flax seed and eat 2 Tablespoons of flax seed every day. Put it in your shakes, salads or over vegetables. Flax seed helps stabilize your blood sugar and will keep you from going on a binge.

3.  Eat 10 walnuts a day
Eating walnuts will reduce your insulin and keep fat storage in-line. Studies have shown that eating walnuts as a snack or on salads will keep you fuller longer. Walnuts are rich in Omega-3.

4.  Throw a little cinnamon in your ingredients.
Put cinnamon in your coffee or on your oatmeal. Studies show that cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon a day will help with cholesterol and triglycerides.
5.  Hot Sauce.
Burn more fat by eating spicy food. Put some cayenne pepper on your soup or vegetables. Hot sauce helps clear insulin out of the blood stream.
Plus, save money on heating bills.

6.  Eat Salmon
Eat 3 ounces of salmon and you will receive more than the daily requirement of Vitamin D. Tuna, Sardines and mackerel have almost the same benefits. By having enough Vitamin D in your system will help reduce your belly.

Water:  check
Flax seed, I guess I could add it in (depending on point values).
Walnuts, i'm not willing to spend the points on them everyday.
Cinnamon, that's a spice I don't use often, just don't think of it.
Hot sauce, that's another item I don't use often, again not part of my routine.
Salmon:  check

After reviewing my answers on how many things from that article that i'm actually doing, I decided to add the two easiest things:  Cinnamon & hot sauce.

For a full week I put cinnamon on my yogurt and a few drops of hot sauce on my breakfast sandwich... by my weigh in on Saturday, I'd lost 3 pounds... *virtual cartwheel*

Bottom line, one week can't say for sure either way if it's really the main reason for the weight loss or even helpful, but I'm willing to keep it up for another week or two.. you know, for testing purposes :D