Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shred the Spud!!

On the recommendation of many blog people, I went out and bought the Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred. Apparently it's exhausting, brutal, kicks your ass, makes you want to hurl, but produces great results if you can commit to doing the 20 mins of working out each day. So Monday I bought it, took it home and took off the cellophane...and then went and ate something. LOL   Last night was a designated running night, so I ran 2.5km on my treadmill and put Jillian aside for that night at least.... the dire warnings of all the blogger people ringing in my head "you'll be sore for the first 2 or 3 days" 2 or 3 days!!!! Oh boy, I'm usually sore on my own just getting out of bed it seems ... Jillian is going to kill me! Maybe I should sit down and write out my last will and testament before I get on with that DVD....

This week we have Thursday off for Canada Day "Oh Canada!" and I took Friday off so we're going to a new water park that opened near Ottawa, should be fun. Hopefully we'll be back in time for run class Friday night! I think our instructor is trying to arrange a demo spin class, that should be lot's of fun, sore tushie aside :) I've seen peopl in spin classes and the sweat just pours off of them like a waterfall... I like it when I sweat like that, makes me feel like i'm actually getting things done :) I'm just really afraid of the sore ass part. Oh that reminds me, I bought a most fantastic seat for my bike.. It's on the seat post, but it's tilted too far up at the front, so I need to adjust it before putting it back on my bike... maybe tonight I'll get a chance to take a spin around the neighborhood.. if it can ever stop raining!

2 slices of Wonder Woman Bread = 1 point
2 slices of low fat cheese = 1 point
2 slices of low fat ham = 1 point
1 litre of water (Nalgene bottle full of water & Ice) = 0 point
2 servings of Low fat Vanilla Latte = 2.6 points

Cashews 21g = 3.2 points
1 cup cottage Cheese = 4.2 points
1 cup Rasberries = 1 point

1 cup yellow zucchini = 0 point
2 mini cucumbers = 0 point
1 plum tomato = 0 point
1 cup chopped white mushrooms = 0 point
1/2 cup brown rice = 1.4 points
Tuna packed in water = 2.4 points
Italian dressing, 4 Tbsps = 0.4 points

French Fries = 9 points
Hot Dog with bun = 8 points
4 WW bread toasted = 2 points
2 tblsp Peanut butter = 3.8 points

Total Points used = 41 (ACK!!!)

28 Regular Points + 0 Activity Points = 28 points for the day (Apparently watching a movie doesn't count as activity :P )
Points in the Red = 13 (I'm officially out of everykind of point for the week, so Wednesday had better be on track!)

Doesn't take long for me to be bad now does it? We went to the movies last night and I was starving... I had not planned a good filling snack to eat right after work while we were watching the movie... I could have brought myself some fruit, some veggies maybe a sammich anything.... but I deluded myself into using up the last of my flex points for the week and induldged in the fries and hot dog... oh crap... skinny chick is in the corner crying again... something about clausterphobia... sorry chicklet!

Despite my stupid lack of planning.. this morning the scale was surprisingly lower for the official Weight Off = 236.4!!! Much better compared to last weeks 239.4. And now to hop back onto that wagon and put in a request that they install some seat belts or handcuffs on the wagon so that I don't fall off again LOL

Didn't run, cycle or try out Shred last night, however tonight is softball and that's a few activity points, but I want to try and not eat them... I don't want to start depending on them... I need less calories in and more activity to burn the basics... Burn Baby Burn! Fat butt inferno! Now that is what I call a grease fire LOL

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sometimes you just need a big purse to stay on track....

I'm not talking about being a Golden Girl and shoving tuna fish salad from a buffet into your purse, oh no no no! I'm talking about using a big purse to carry low fat foods with you into venues that don't offer low fat versions of anything...and when I bring my stuff it's cheaper too.... and proof of that is Exhibit A:
Well Ribfest is over. I'm sad, but really damn happy at the same time. We went back on Saturday afternoon and I had some pulled pork and some chicken. Strangely enough I lost weight Sunday morning, but I destroyed that loss during the day by eating movie popcorn.... CRIPES! I know way better than that! But I was too lazy to change out my purse for a bigger purse and bring my own low fat, low point popcorn and just buy diet coke from the concession stand. Instead we shared a large popcorn WITH BUTTER! Yes liquid gold. Two diet cokes... no biggie and to make things worse... a bag of Aero bites and a bag of O'Henry bites. And then at intermission John wanted another diet coke, so I got that as well as another medium popcorn, but no butter this time.....sigh *kicks self repeatedly in the butt if that were physically possible* Total monetary cost of this eating extravaganza: 30 bucks! And their concession stand is cheaper than the big movie theatres because it's an old privately owned place that occaissionaly shows double features.. totally awesome place.. except for the 2 tonnes of popcorn that I inhaled :(

So this week looks like it's basically a write off for points.. I tracked everything and I managed to blow through all but 8 of my 35 flex points even before I got to Sunday (Thanks Ribfest!) and I only walked 5kms last Wednesday for the Weight Watchers Walk It Challenge.... No running, no Aquafit and no practice runs. So now that I've thoroughly berated myself and my inner skinny chick is in the corner crying... my outer fat chick is going over and comforting her and promising to be very good this week. I will probably not be able to redeem myself before the Wednesday morning Weight Off (aka weigh in) but my mission is to plan the heck out of my points. Some of my favorite bloggers take pictures of everything they eat... and I mean everything! I don't know if I can do that.... but I'm going to try logging my points publicly to see if that helps:

2 slices of Wonder Woman Bread = 1 point
2 slices of low fat cheese = 1 point
3 slices of low fat turkey = 1 point
1 litre of water (Nalgene bottle full of water & Ice) = 0 point
2 servings of Low fat Vanilla Latte = 2.6 points

Cashews 21g = 3.2 points

Lunch salad:
1 cup yellow zucchini = 0 point
2 mini cucumbers = 0 point
1 plum tomato = 0 point
1 cup chopped white mushrooms = 0 point
1/2 cup brown rice = 1.4 points
6 slices of low fat turkey = 2 points
Italian dressing, 4 Tbsps = 0.4 points

Thinsations cookies = 2 points
Crispy minis = 1.8 points
Sparkling water = 0.2 points

Diet Pepsi = 0 points
3 WW flat rolls = 3 points
Turkey pepperoni = 3 points
Pizza sauce = 0.8 points
Baby Bel cheese = 6 points

Thinsations cookies = 2 points
2 Jello sf pudding = 2 points

I ran for about 40 mins and pounded out 2.5 kms at 10:1 x 2. So that earned me about 8.5 Activity points.

So that means 28 + 8.5 = 36.5 points allowed for the day.  I used up 32.6 so when all was said and done, I had 3.9 points left for the day....Yay me! Several days of being good like this should get me back on track :)
I'm really glad I have my Iphone app to keep track of all the stuff I eat because man, when I look at the list.. it's loooong!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Veggie Tales

So you know that thing where people believe that if they do something consistently for 21 days straight that it becomes a habit? Well you know I always thought it was hokum, because who can keep up something for 21 days without life interrupting? (e.g. lifting weights, going to the gym, eating well, counting your WW points) Everyone slips up once in awhile so then your 21 days is nullified and you have to start from the beginning right? Well I'm starting to believe that the 21 days is not a hard rule..."what are you talking about Carol?" here is what I *believe* and when I put ** on either side of believe it's because I think something has happened, without any seemingly extra painful effort on my part and without any scientific data to back it up :P I have become a habitual healthy eater.... *gasp!!* "ok now we think you're just crazy Carol!" Tcha, me too! At first I just figured that it was just easy to eat fruit and veg, that it was a free points fill the belly kind of option, that I knew all the point values and that if I stuck to the plan that way, I'd have more points for the "fun stuff" Which I do to a certain extent... I'll never be able to stop eating pizza! But slowly we've converted our occasional pizza splurge from a medium meat lovers with ground beef, bacon, ham and pepperoni to our most recent splurge of chicken, green peppers and tomatoes... and it was still awesome!

The main reason that I *believe* the healthier eating has now become a habit is that having the one "fun stuff" meal (other than pizza) isn't fun anymore. Case in point... my evidence:

1. Went to the movies with the girls and ordered nachos at dinner before the movie. That was ok it had lot's of veg on it, it was the chocolate I ate at the movies... I felt like crud after I got home...

2. There was a work BBQ last week, had a burger (which I had planned for) but the side dish was a stupid bag of chips. After eating the bag of chips... I felt like crud. uber oogy!

3. Decided out of the blue that I wanted to have some pasta, but not pump it up with my regular ton of veggies. I felt like crud and suffered the whole next day :(

4. One day I decided to have the full fat frappaccino with the whipped cream and the whole shebang..... I felt like crud and paid for it for a few hours...

5. Went to Ribfest the rib and chicken festival and had pulled pork, a chicken breast and an ice cream cone... I felt like so much crud the next morning.. it was like a food hangover!

These incidents have only occurred in the last 3 months, but I've been following WW for the last 6 months... so well beyond 21 days and not consciously avoiding all the above items, but by default by trying to stay on my points.. I've eliminated a lot of bad food choices the majority of the time... again I am not perfect (re: the pizza obsession) It seems that my body has decided on it's own that the "fun foods" are not fun anymore, but now that I'm fully aware of that.. I'm totally cool with it! Now when I have a stoopid craving (like for a doughnut for example) I am now armed with the knowledge that not only will that doughnut be a dangerous point item, but that if I indulge like I used too (3 or 4 doughnuts) that I can cause myself several hours of distress.... and no craving is big or bad enough for me to indulge.... so one doughnut *might* happen, but 3 or 4 won't happen again! I mention doughnut because I've had a craving for a few weeks now and I've been denying myself... and the last rerun of Biggest Loser had a temptation challenge with a room full of doughnuts! It looked really gross as they were smooshing all the doughnuts to get the poker chip with the prize of the challenge

I've also noticed a few other things:

- I feel better when I limit my diet soda to one or two a day.
- I feel better when I drink at least 1 litre of water per day
- I feel better and more satisfied when I eat veggies with lunch and dinner
- I feel more satisfied when I have fruit instead of a 100 calorie snack
- I feel better when I get to exercise, If I don't I feel achy and slug-like
- I lose more weight, or keep more weight off when I exercise more than 3 times per week
- I feel more energy in general when I exercise
- I feel the good kind of tired when I get to exercise.... when I don't, I feel like a slug on a rug on drugs!

Dammit, all those fitness people were right! How can this be!!! This is not news, this is not a revelation, but this is the first time in my life that I have done the fitness and eating well combo together and for so long, that I am only now just beginning to see the light. How stupid do I feel? Well a bit, but I think my main problem, and the problem of many others is that we're not happy unless we see big results. That's probably the most prominent reason for Biggest Loser's popularity. "DUHHHH" you say? well I know it's obvious, but when I look back on my life and all the things I've tried, bought and done to lose weight, everything and I mean everything got dropped because I wasn't happy with enough results. Oh yeah the first week I'd lose 7 pounds and then all the weeks after it would be 1 or 2 pounds... This time, something seems to have clicked, I know I still bitch and moan about only loosing 20 pounds in the last year, but that's just the fat girl aching to be skinny already! I realize that a lifestyle change has to be made, it's not going to happen overnight, it's not going to be easy and it's probably not going get me to my goal weight within the next year, but dammit, I never want to be 250 + pounds ever again. There is no reason for me to choose to fail, when success is an option. I want success to be my only option... let's just take that little checkmark box and the word FAIL off the page totally! Even if it takes me years to make it to goal, I don't want to go back to where I started..... ever....EVER!

I want to reshape my vision of myself from a tired cranky pants person to an active happy athlete/runner.

ps... gave in to the doughnut craving... wasn't really worth it, didn't taste as good as I remember...... it's just mind games that your body plays with you!!! Proud to say that I didn't eat a ton of doughnuts... just one.. and it was for research purposes...I swear! LOL
ps ps... on the downside, because I went to Ribfest this week, my weight is up *sigh*  figures that as soon as I'd track my weight publicly that I'd have to post a gain right away... Next week will be better!  Mainly because Ribfest will be done on Saturday LOL

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cha cha chaaaaanges

So I've been changing my blog layout and look... so far I like it... let me know if some font colours or features are annoying, because so far I'm good with it.  I hate it when I go to someone else's blog and I can't read their blog posts unless I highlight the whole site... the text shouldn't be the same colour as your background people!  Do a preview! 

I've added some of the blogs I follow.. mostly weight watchers related.  Great inspiration to see how many people are doing so well following the program and they usually post some really good recipes :)

I've also added a Weight Off list as inspired by the WW bloggers.  They post a weekly weigh-in amount and since i'm committing to really concentrate on my WW program now that I've run my first 5km, I figure it's one more step towards accountability and being a good girl :P  I didn't post a big long list of all my weigh ins for the last few years.. I just posted my 320 weight pre WLS and then my weight last June before my friend ran her 10km and then this mornings weight which I'm happy to say is in firmly and irrevocably well planted in the mid 30s!!!  Woohooo for 235.4!!!  I don't know if you remember, but I kept complaining about loosing the same 10 pounds over and over (stuck in the 240's) but I think I'm working that out.  I think that I'm getting a handle on the weekend weight gain.....(loose during the week, gain on the weekend, hence stuck in the 240s)  and doing the Running Room class on Friday night, plus the practice run on Sunday morning followed by Aquafit is the trick.  Less time to sit around and eat... who woulda thunk it eh? LOL 

I thought that I would be crankier for being busier on the weekend and not feel like I got a chance to "relax" or get some quality "rest" time, but so far it's been good.. adding a different type of exercise like Aquafit and soon some cycling seems to be the magical key.  Running 3 times a week was great for my 5km program, but it wasn't doing much more than just helping me maintain my weight and possibly loose a pound or so a month.

I want to run at least 3 more 5km races this year and I figure that loosing weight will really help me get better race times... we'll see how it goes :)  Maybe I'll have to post a list of my races run and the race times... almost as fun as the Weight Off list hehehe  I love making lists!

Speaking of changes... I almost forgot!  Last night I decided to go for a run around my neighborhood instead of on my treadmill because I wanted to see how much progress I've made compared to running in my neighborhood last year.   I ran 7 and 1 x 3 for a total of 3.5 kms, but the remarkable thing for me was the fact that on my first 7 minute run I ran alllllll the way down to my halfway point from last year... it was freaking awesome!  And then I had to run all over the neighborhood to keep going for my other two 7 min runs  SO ENCOURAGING and AWESOME!!!

Changes are good!

Monday, June 14, 2010

...and the Spud keeps on running! Mucho Mojo!

After the victorious race finish we took a few days to relax, not a full week, but close!  It was okay, I thought I'd enjoy the time off more, but I didn't really.  Kept worrying that I'd end up loosing all my running mojo and momentum and getting upset thinking how depressed I'd be if I'd wasted this whole past year working up to a great achievable goal and then just sitting on the couch full time again.  NO NO NO!!!  So even before I got a chance to talk it over with Alex, I went ahead and signed up for another 5km Running Room class.  It's on Friday nights this time (instructors choice I think) but it's good because I can decompress the next day if needed and it doesn't mess with Wenesday night softball games.  I thought Alex might skip it due to prior commitments with a good friend of hers (Friday night is Jess's night) but she decided to sign up to keep her mojo going too :D

I gotta say, i'm really liking this new running group, it's a much smaller group, the people seem friendlier and we lucked out with two great instructors again.  Linda and Debbie explained that the last group was much bigger because it was just before the National Capital Race and that lots of people sign up just to be able to get in line before the race.  That first group would never turn around and walk back to come find the "back of the pack" people like me and once the run started we never saw them until they were up against the building stretching or driving out as we were arriving into the parking lot.  Our current group not only walks back, but about a minute before the walk is supposed to begin, they run back and walk with us.  It's a nice, we feel more like we are part of the group and it really encourages me to try and keep up as much as possible.  Linda says that if people are strong enough to run ahead so far, that means they can afford to run back to up their distance and that running back is not falling back, it's just building on their base.

Upcoming Goals for the remainder of 2010:

- Loose 10 pounds before September
- Run another 5km in August (Rainy River Run) take 2mins off my race time
- Buy new running shoes
- Attend Aquafit and at least 1 practice run per week.
- Sign up for another running class before winter (August to October)
- Run another 5km in September (Army Run) take 2 more mins off

- Run another 5km in October to celebrate my 40th b-day (MADD dash) take 2 more mins off
- Speed training on my treadmill over the winter
- Buy smaller jeans... :P
- Continue to be Awesome

I'm toying with the idea of posting on the side of my blog a weekly weigh in like people with their weight watchers blogs.  It might be a step closer to accountability, force me to be that much better at tracking (although with the iphone i think i'm better at that than ever before) but just making sure that I don't dip into the flex points and focus more on using half of my activity points if I earn em.  And above all else, smarter choices when eating out.  That is the biggest killer in my opinion is trying to find point safe stuff at restaurants.  You can order 2 sides of veggies, but is it really worth it if they cook em in butter?  Maybe I need to be more vocal about asking for healthy choices like steamed and broiled instead of fried and soaked in butter....

Big bottomed line is that I have to really concentrate on the weight loss portion at this stage because I'm really feeling good with the running and I want to get faster, but that is really hard to do when I still feel so heavy... hauling this carcass around is exhausting LOL  I want to go faster!!!!!!!!!!  ZOOM ZOOM

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Race Pictures!!!

Close to 9 thousand people participated in the 5km race on Saturday May 29th.  You can't see us... because we're way up at the top of the bridge LOL

This is Alex and I sprinting for the finish line after the 100metre mark and we're actually smiling!  LOL

This guy and his buddy ran the 5 km at about the same pace as us, but in full fur costumes!  They were totally drenched in sweat!  LOL

Best finish line picture ever!  2 smilling happy people that we ran it under 60 minutes gun time and our actuall race times were 47:25.5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Victorious Spud!!

I made it to the finish line!

Race weekend was this past weekend... i was nervous and excited and totally pumped!

Alex and I met at Rideau Centre and had the traditional race day Cinnabon in honour of Lydsay (my sister's friend that ran the 10km last year) In retrospect a cinnabon on race day for someone who is diabetic was probably a pretty risky move LOL Aside from being a bit nauseated after eating it... it went away after a bottle of water was consumed and I made mental note to stick with the minibon from now on...

We walked around Rideau Centre a bit, but it wasn't even close to AC'd so we figured we'd do better in the shade at the park.. so we walked down, threw our running numbers on and found some of the people from our class sitting around the fountain. We babbled quite excitedly as the time drew closer and closer until we saw it was 4:30 and decided to make our way to our start corals. Alex and I were supposed to be in red, but we went one closer to the start in purple because red was on the other side of the Laurier bridge!! Tons of people. Shaun was waaay up front somewhere and Karen and Karen were dropped off in yellow... i think...

There were some minor annoyances like the fact that the walkers and people with strollers took over the whole width of the road... it was very hard to get around people while trying to do our 10 and 1's and a few times i hopped up on the grass... grrr seriously stick to the right hand side... take a Running Room class people! The weather was great, sunny warm and an occaisional cool breeze, it was lovely in the shade.. when you could find it :P The pavement however had been cooking in the sun all day and the most of the heat was radiating from it like a frying pan... I wanted to check my sneakers for melting :P

When we made it to the water station I was thinking to myself "it's already 4km!" and Alex was getting excited too because she wanted to sprint from the 500m mark but I just couldn't anymore... so I said 100m and she had a deal.... I was proud that we'd kept pace with the two guys in the full fur mascot suits LOL

Our finish time was 47:25.5 and our gun time was 57:35.5 so 10 mins to cross the start line!!

I have now made myself a list of race for the remainder of 2010 and will decide which ones I want to register for AND most important of all, i've registered for another 5km clinic....woohoo! We're runners!