Friday, December 16, 2011

30/30 another update

Still working on the 30 mins for 30 days challenge.  I missed 2 days due to stomach/intestinal issues and I think it's related to a new protein I switched too in October.  Apparently even vegetarians try to avoid Soy protein powders!  After doing some research on it, I think that I'm one of those people that has issues with soy.  I've been sick a few times with cramps, bloating, incredible fluctuations in weight and I think it's probably the soy.  T'is the season of Christmas eating, however weight watchers let's you indulge within your weekly flex points, plus I've been exercising... not tons, but I've been moving.

So I'll have to take a break from the protein and maybe after a week make my whey back to my tried and true whey isolate protein.  It's just whey better for my tummy... hahaha pun totally intended... ok somebody stop me LOL

On Wednesday the 21st, I'm driving off to the east coast to visit my family (12 hour drive!) and I know it's going to be a great time... a good 5km walk everyday with my Dad and my sister will be a great equalizer during the holiday eating...

Come on vacation!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

30/30 update

It's been a week so far in the 30 minutes of working out for 30 days.  I'm pleased at how it's working out and how even on the days when we have social activities I am able to squeeze it in. 

That being said; today everything hurts and I want to go back to bed...... I think some advil and an early bedtime tonight might help :)

My friend Patti asked me last night if my next challenge would be 60 minutes for 60 answer was a loud groan and shaking of the head LOL  I think I would gladly repeat 30/30 and just gradually increase the workouts for 5 minutes or something.. but 60 minutes everyday???  I'm not there yet!

Monday, December 5, 2011

30 minutes for 30 days

As a concerted effort to get off my ass and focus on movement and avoid scope creep, I decided to trick myself into getting things moving again.  I figured that I can easily walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes a day... and if I happen to walk longer, or even go crazy and break out into a running pace, well that's just gravy... mmmmm gravy :)  *ahem*

I started out on November 30th and so far I have been able to get in the 30 minutes per day.  This time of year is really busy with social activities outside the house, social activities at our house, baking, shopping etc etc, you get the picture right?  That being said, I think this 30/30 program is well timed and working out quite well.  To be accountable, I posted on facebook and several friends pledged to try doing something similar as well.  So far myself and Vicky seem to be the only people posting everyday, so I don't know how others are doing.

An added benefit that I did not foresee at all, much like getting T-boned at a 4 way stop, was me lifting weights all of a sudden.... well it wasn't that sudden like the barbell appeared in my hand like by magic... helloo Harry Potter.  Nope, it was more like I was surfing Pintrest ( which is like bookmarking on speed) pinning some really gooey looking recipes and also seeing some fitness bloggers link and thinking: "hmmm that would be a good idea for the 30/30"  before you know it I had printed off a bunch of magazine scans that fitness bloggers seem to love posting and that very evening, whilst watching a movie I did some bicep curls, some shoulder presses, the obligatory tricep kickbacks (bat wings people!  I could fly to Japan) and a few deadlifts, but what really got me excited was a standing ab exercise routine that is done with weights.   I interspersed the lifting with some cardio like squats, high kicks, knee lifts and shadow boxing.  I was shocked that I really enjoyed that little routine.

I mean, I've done my share of crunches over time, but they always feel pointless to me since there is still a large layer of fat hiding them.  That standing ab routine, did make me feel like it was making a difference under all that stuff, so I think I'll be doing it more often.  Follow this link to see the workout:

I'm also very tempted to buy a freestanding punching bag, but the reviews aren't great so far.... they keep saying they leak air... I guess inflatable is not the way to go, too bad because I can see it as being more convenient to move around... and you wouldn't have to hang it from the ceiling.  Besides I shouldn't be buying myself gifts before Christmas.