Sunday, November 18, 2012


Things haven't been great:
Low iron
Missed WW meetings since August
Week 5 of a bad coughing flu starts tomorrow
Weight gain
House a mess
1000 dollar car repair

Not all things are bad, but they've been better. I've decided to change the things i can control and other stuff should eventually fall back into place.

Things I'm gonna do:
Prep breakfast and lunch foods for the week.
Track my food.
Prep my weight lifting area.
Commit to a weight lifting schedule.
Start walking at least one km per day on the treadmill and increase my distance as time goes by.
Cook more WW recipes to replace my favorite dishes with healthier versions.
Create a cleaning schedule so that I won't get overwhelmed with chores again.
Commit to getting more sleep.
And most of all put more structure into my weekend so that I don't ruin my weeks progress.

So far I've prepped my weeks worth of meals and I've begun to wrangle the house back into order. It's not going to happen overnight but I hope to be implementing my new workout schedule next week.

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