Thursday, October 24, 2013

Holy crap I did a half marathon!

I haven't posted in since April so I think my two faithful followers have even grown bored of waiting for new posts LOL

As the title implies, I ran a half marathon on September 22nd.

I did not train even close to enough to accomplish the goal of using the Army Half as my "practice run" for the Disney Half.  Yes, I'm registered.  I have a scared.

So my running partner Vicky and I did finish.  I think our finish times hovered around 4 hours and 5 minutes.  We need to complete the Disney Half in LESS THAN 3.5 HOURS.  I did not hit caps lock by mistake.  I have a scared.  I was only in pain for one solid day and sore for the 2nd day.  Not bad considering my lack of skillz :P

November 1st the whole 80s training montage complete with Eye of the Tiger will begin playing in the background.

On a happy yet tired note.  I did not train enough because since April/May we (read I) worked really hard to prep our townhouse for sale.  We put it on the market finally on Sept 1st and it was sold by September 24th.. Yeah, that's right, in the midst of the Army Run pre race nerves and post-race pain.

We also got the keys to our new house (single detached place) a mere 2.5 weeks later.  I have since been driving back and forth, cleaning and moving stuff until I'm dreaming of it.

Stay tuned folks... there posts are few and far between these days, but it will get better when my office is set-up again.

I'm also considering starting a home decorating blog... for all the before and after pictures of this old 80's house.

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