Monday, December 14, 2009

Tis the season to be a slacking Spud!!

Yup, you got it... last week I did not run... but according to Alex, the "power swim" on Tuesday counts :P  It doesn't count as part of running in my book, but it's better than nothing.  I did not lay about and hoover back bon bons while I was slacking from the running.... I was working late, xmas shopping and attending xmas parties.... tough gig, but somebody has to do it.

One thing shopping for a party dress for the xmas party made me realize ...if I were a size 14 or even a 16, I could have paid a third of the price I paid for the dress I bought.... thinner definitely is cheaper in many ways...Not to say that I didn't look smashing and very sparkly, but more smashing is always good.

This week I think I'll continue with level 4, but may dip my toe into level 5 since I forsee next week becoming difficult to schedule in 3 runs.

We'll see how it goes.... wish me luck!!!.


  1. Another plus for being a 14 or 16 -- if you're willing to wait, you can get the clothes on sale. If you look at the sale racks for those stores, everything there is either size 12-16, or 0-3. Who seriously wears a size 0?

  2. Zero means nothing, nothingness, the absence of value... right? So it must only be ghosts that wear size zero :P