Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Foward crawling Spud

So Alex, John, Jen and I signed up for an adult learn to swim class.  No we're not naked, it just means there are no kids in the group... well except for the instructors who seem to be maybe 13 or 14 LOL

We all know how to swim in varying degrees, most at least dog paddle and some of us are ninja experts at imitating floatation devices (fat floats baby!  look at me just wallowing like a hippo!)  The first lesson was last Tuesday and it's about 45 mins.. they started off by quickly figuring out who couldn't swim much at all and who were ready to learn the various strokes.  All of us proudly made the cut to the advanced 201 class and they quickly taught us the flutter kick while leaning back on a pool noodle or against the side of the pool.  Then they taught us the forward crawl to combine with the flutter kick.  To me that one has always been the hardest stroke (even though I didn't know the name of it) because you have to have your face in the water for the majority of it until you poke out to breathe on the side.  I didn't bring my goggles, because I didn't want to look like a keener/geek, boy did I regret that.. I forgot how much chlorine goes into a public pool.  But that aside I think we all did fairly well, some were breathing harder than others, but overall it was a great relaxing exercise class.  I think we all slept like logs that night!

Tonight we're supposed to go again, but I'm having tummy issues, I do however have my 1 piece, towel and goggles ready to go if I feel better by 7.  I knew i missed swimming (grew up with a pool in our backyard and the sea 15 mins away) but I didn't realize how much I missed swimming.  John is going to pick up their schedule and maybe we'll all go for one of the "free swim" nights to get more time in the water.

Spud floatation device out!

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  1. I'll join you for the free swim :) I would like more practice, and it's fun!

    We did breast stroke tonight... well, at least the kicking part. I-V-O! Too funny :)