Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Spuds sneakers are melting!

Do not dispair... I didn't get lost running in the woods or something... I am still alive... :P

So the last 3 weeks I've been training with my new treadmill, still loving the hell out of it!  The convenience of having it right there waiting for me and available almost all the time.  I say almost because J has started using the treadmill regularly too!  He's really supportive, doing WW along with me, exercising, eating veggies, doing so many things he never ever thought he would do.   He's doing so well too!  It's really encouraging to see someone do so well!

My weight has stayed the same... still, BUT and I'm not saying BUTT :P   so even if I'm not loosing weight, I'm making great progress on the treadmill...

I've lived through level 5!  I skipped the last session in level 5 tho because of this:

Level 5 - Day 1

Walk 5 min, Run 5 min, Walk 3 min, Run 5 min, Walk 3, Run 5 min, Cool down walk for 5 min
Level 5 - Day 2
Walk 5 min, Run 8 min, Walk 3, Run 8, Walk 3, Run 8, Cool down walk for 5 min
Level 5 - Day 3
Walk 5 min, Run for 20 mins, Cooldown walk for 5 min

So i'm sure you've noticed the pattern deviates quite drasticaly on Day 3... yeah, no freaking way am I going to just go from what feels like a gruelling 8 mins of running to a heart stopping, eyeball popping, lung exploding 20 mins... pffffffffffffffttttttttttttttttt!

So I've moved to  to Level 6 Day 1:
Walk 5 min, Run 5 min, Walk 3, Run 8 min, Walk 3, Run 5, cool down walk for 5 min
Dig great, pushed through it and kicked ass whilst virtually melting the treadmill and my sneakers with my hotness  muuahahah and then *thump* I look at the schedule for Level 6 Day 2.... walk for 5, run 25 mins, walk 5 mins..... CRAP!

So I think for the rest of my training is going to be stuff like
walk 5, run 10, walk 3 etc etc
walk 5, run 12, walk 3 etc etc
walk 5, run 14, walk 3 etc etc
.... and maybe work my way up to the 20 mins :P

Spud out!

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  1. Kick ass Carol! I'm so proud of you :)

    Keep up the good work!!!

    (Maybe your measurements show progress, even if the scale doesn't? ... could always check that.) Either way, your lungs show progress. Too bad you can't measure that...