Monday, March 1, 2010

Spudding along without a clue in the world :P

So I missed a blog post last week it seems, but that's ok, it was a horrible week point-wise:

Mon - 34, Tues - 30, Wed - 39, Thurs - 50, Frid - 47, Sat - 30, Sun - 42... that's 62 extra points... even flex points couldn't cover me.....

That's what you get for eating out 3 times in a week... guess which days!!  So after all that, no weight gain as per usualy right?  Believe it or not... no weight gain... but wait, i'm not done!.

Last week was a tad better, but I still dipped into the flex points:

Mon -29, Tues - 36, Wed - 33, Thurs - 34, Friday - 39, Sat - 35, Sun - 33* .... that's  27 flex points.  Sunday doesn't count because that's supposed to be part of 6 extra points I earned for a physical activity... YAY!  It's like free points LOL

So during the past week... I lost weight... during 2 of the most horrible point weeks...I'm down to 246... so 4 pounds down... I had gotten even lower, but during the weekend managed to creep back up.... I don't get it at all, I really don't..

If you were paying attention you'll remember that I said I earned 6 points for physical activity... yeah, 30 mins of running on my new treadmill.  Boooouuuuuyaaaaa!  So happy with it love it love it.  No more locker room, no more leaving home on weekends to work out, no more monthly fees or big yearly membership, priceless :)  Even the bf is thinking of walking on it once in fact... he's planning on moving the furniture around so that we can leave it open all the time (it folds up for storage) because it's hard to pull out on the carpet and he figures we'll never pull it out to use it.  I just figured it was part of the workout to pull the machine out....

Let's hope this week is better

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  1. I think there needs to be a picture :) For sure!

    I was away last week too often to get many workouts in. I think I only got three days, maybe? I'm hoping this week'll be better. Let's hope the good weather keeps up!

    Enjoy your new treadmill!