Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Going the distance.... the new distance that is :)

Sorry for the disappearing act, but I took a week off to stay at home. No I didn't sit around, eat bon bons and watch TV all week. I got a lot of stuff done:

Painted upstairs bathroom
Painted french door
Hemmed all living room curtains
Hemmed the powder room curtain
Oil change for my car
E-test on my car
New stickers for my car
Prepared two pans of lasagna, froze one in pieces and fed the other to us and some friends on Thanksgiving.

I even managed to fit in some *me time* which to me means taking myself to a movie, or stop at Starbucks/Chapters and enjoy a skinny Latté and browse the books and "stuff"

I am now working on a new distance: 10km!!!!! That's right folks, I'm finally moving myself forward to a bigger challenge. I pulled a schedule from an online training website, not sure I can keep up and complete 10km in the prescribed weeks listed, but I'm gonna give it a shot!

It's a very ambitious schedule... makes me break out into hives and breath in a paper bag when I look past week 3 LOL

Another thing worth mentioning is that last week when I ran my 5km on the treadmill, I noticed that I was running too slow.... yeah, you read that right... too slow....and I noticed I wasn't breathing hard... at least not as hard as when I run outside... so I pumped up the speed from a 5.5 (pace of about 11:00) up to a 6.0 (pace of about 10:20) and was breathing hard like I'm used to hearing. I do remember my average race pace for the Army run was listed as 10:01, so obviously I'm not hard enough on myself at home LOL Time to take out the whip!! I won't run at 6.0 all the time, but I'll try to do it for one or two of my 10min intervals. Gotta keep pushing the boundries of speed and distance!


  1. Whoo hoo! That's the spirit :-)

    Shall we start the countdown to Friday now??? What will you do with your remaining 30-something days?

  2. Oh yeah, the countdown is on like Donkey Kong hehehe My remaining days in my 30s will be spent mostly just living as I normally do :) If I were rich it would definitely be a different story!