Monday, October 25, 2010

5km Rattle me Bones race

I ran my final race for this year on Sunday.  I say it's my final race because I froze my ass while waiting for the start.  It was so cold that I wore a large hooded sweatshirt and gloves and was still cold while running.  BRRRR!  I also tried to keep warm the whole time by running the whole thing.  I only stopped once for a small hill near the water station and strangely enough my finish time was 45:10 and the Army run race in September (with walk breaks)  my finish time was 45:09.

I was amazed that I could run so consistently and for so long, it makes me feel great.  I may not be faster yet, but it shows to me that my endurance is really getting to all time lifetime high :)  I hope I can continue with the increased mileage that's required for the 10km races and that my weight will also begin to drop again with the extra distance.

I do feel really rough this morning tho... oh boy.  Headache, achy body and I just wanted to stay in my warm toasty bed.  Alas, I must work for a living to pay for my "running in races" habit among others hahahaha

The race was well organized and they fed us bagels, bananas, chili, cookies and lots of water after the race.  Ensure was also there handing out a little bag with a bottle of vanilla flavoured Ensure and a pamphlet with some coupons.  I didn't drink the Ensure, it's on my desk right now staring at me.  It's almost 6 points worth in that tiny little bottle.  I can eat a ton of food for 6 points.... so I think I'll pass... might have drank it after the race if it were chocolate.

I'll post a picture of the bib, medal and my cool skeleton hoodie sweatshirt that struggled to keep me warm :)  It was a Halloween themed race, but not many people got dressed up.  My hoodie was pretty unique, so I'm guessing there will be some Zoom photo shots that I can steal later on :)

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