Thursday, March 10, 2011

The slow descent into Fantastic!

The last two weigh ins were -0.5 lb losses... some may consider that slow, but I just consider that PROGRESS!

I've been going to Weight Watchers meetings since January 22nd and I've lost 9 lbs.... I think that's awesome.   I'll tell you why that's so awesome:

Last year I ran and ran and ran and ran and did some biking and some Aquafit, but the whole year I bounced around the mid 240's to the mid 230's and my low of 232 in July was only due to working out super hard and probably sweating buckets of sweat during a really hot month.

My mistake or mistakes (cause I'm sure I've made more than one) was that I wasn't eating enough.  For my height, weight, age and awesome personality *snicker* i get 34 weight watchers points a week... in the old plan it was 28.  What I started doing was eating 25 points a day...I'd loose weight all week... then on the weekends, when I'd sleep in and have more free time, i'd end up eating more, or eating different or eating too late ... or something... who the hell knows... but the stats showed that I lost weight all week and after the weekend was over I was pretty much back to the same spot.  I was hungry often.

Fast forward to this year... The new plan is more points and fruit is zero, so I've been eating a lot better, very little processed food and not many junk food cravings.  I've been eating my daily points and my weekly allowance, while earning at least 40 activity points, but not eating those.  Because of that, I've consistently been loosing weight ... one gain due to female biology, but it was gone the week after...  I'm getting close to last year's lowest weight... and I'm thrilled!  I think i'll be even more thrilled when I can make it to the mid 220's... I'll feel safe, I'll feel like I'm "officially" taking care of business :D

St. Patrick's day race this Saturday, and it looks like we're either going to be swimming or skating the race...

*sigh*  I knew it was too early to sign up for a race :)

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