Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oh the updates they are a lagging...

There are so many things that I think about writing during the day that just never make it here anymore.  With my access cut off, I feel like I've lost a limb.  I love to talk, ergo, I love to write as well and this situation has me feeling like I can't express myself enough anymore.  Granted I didn't post something everyday, but it was much more often than once in two weeks *pout*   I've been tossing a few ideas around in my head on how to get around the issue:
write myself an e-mail with entries for the blog and send those as needed, which I can copy/paste when at home.
bring my small personal laptop to work and net tether my Iphone and upload posts as needed.
write out posts longhand (UGH, never mind sounds too much like effort)
I think I'll try option number one for now... and I'm actually writing this up in an e-mail right now.  It has a few advantages in that I could send a bunch of small ideas which can get amalgamated into a larger post, or the smaller ideas can grow of their own volition in the dark with some fertilizer into a full grown post of their own :)  The biggest advantages are not needing to schlep equipment to and from work and not using my cell phone's data plan (it's generous 6 gig plan, but why chance it if I get super wordy).  The other thing that is a bit of an impediment to option 2 is that local IT staff gets really twitchy when you bring in external equipment, they have visions of me surfing porn, uploading viruses via USB stick to the work network or even worse:  using Facebook during the workday :P
You must be wondering what kind of cushy job I have that I could even possibly contemplate writing blog posts while working... well I used to write my blog posts at lunch time while eating :P  My job is not a full tilt go go go kind of job as we write reports after large outages (network or system related) and we have tasks to do in-between flurries of frantic report writing, but those tasks are ongoing.  The ups and downs take some getting used too, but I prefer it over really boring monotonous or super high stress jobs... it's a nice mix that keeps us on our toes!
On the weight side of things, I'm almost back (officially) to the 229 area, I was there before my Saturday weigh-in, but went up to 230.5.  I hope to be at 229 or below it this week, but it's a long weekend (Easter) and weekends are historically difficult for me.
Running is going well; my 5km clinic is moving along well and we've just past he halfway point.  I did 3.2kms on Tuesday in under 30 mins, so I'm not Speedy Gonzales, but it's decent.  I figure I'm either getting faster, or the people taking the course with me are a slower bunch than usual because when I've run with them, not only can I see them, but I'm running with at least 4 to 5 people each time... Garmin says I'm faster overall each time we go out, so I'm cool with that.

It still confuses me how I am so much slower on the treadmill than out in "real life" .  If I ran on the treadmill at the pace I run outside, I think I'd have a heart attack.... and we run up hills during the clinic!!!  I just don't get it!  I'll tell you one thing:  I'm not going to look a gift pace too deep in the mouth :)

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  1. hmm... maybe your treadmill's distance marker is off? Or its pacer isn't right? Who knows... I know I've heard many times that the calorie counters on those things are always wrong.

    Good luck with your clinic :) I know the more you do it the more benefit you'll get from it. You've come leaps and bounds from where we started, so I'm sure you are still improving. Maybe eventually you can try being group leader again?