Sunday, April 10, 2011

On the road to catching those elusive pounds

In my guestimation I had gained about 8 pounds on vacation week, by the time I came back and ignored the scale until the following official Weight Watchers meeting, I was down to only 5.5 pounds of gainage (pffftt yeah ONLY 5.5 lbs)  2.5 pounds gone during that partial week and another pound gone this week, which means I've got the vacation weight running scared... That's it run you little Adipose monsters!

This week at the meeting, we talked about physical activity and how it can help our weight loss.  Everyone knows the age old formula of move more and eat less, but if those were easy we'd all be slim and healthy :)  Moving more on a daily basis can be a challenge... I am very familiar that a tired brain and a bad diet makes that couch yell so much louder than it should ever be allowed too.  However, I noticed that when I worked in at least an hour of walking into my daily routine, I may not have shed tons of weight, but I felt better physically, mentally and satisfaction-wise.  

Satisfaction-wise?  What the hell am I talking bout'?  Well I figured since we spend so much time watching TV and North Americans that I wouldn't deprive myself of the want of the TV, i'd just combine it with my need to get movement.  When I walk on the treadmill, I watch Biggest Loser, Last 10 pounds and X-weighted and not only do I get to see some of my favorite shows, I get my walk, and I get inspired by watching all these other people kicking ass on a daily basis.  I'm satisfied that I got to see my shows without feeling like I lay around like a beached whale all day :)

On that note, i'm off to do some laundry... running and living seems to generate lot's of stinky clothes!

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  1. Just make sure you're staring at the TV straight on, so you don't strain your neck twisted in weird angles.

    I'm looking forward to Friday! We'll get in our exercise that day for sure! :)

    Keep up the good work!