Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall is my race season this year...

It's strange, but I didn't really sign up for many races this year... or so it seemed at first glance

St. Paddy's race on March 12th (ran 5km)
Ottawa race weekend on May 28th (ran 5km)
Perth Kilt run on July 2nd (walked, didn't run)
Ovarian Cancer research walk on September 11th (walked, didn't run)
Army run on September 18th (registered to run 5km)

So out of that list, there are only 3 races... now all of a sudden these are on the calendar too:

CIBC Run for the cure on October 2nd (5km)
Rattle me bones on October 23rd (5km)

Six races is a decent amount... I just didn't expect to reach that number this year because I had told myself that I should register for a race if there is no medal... and of the races I'm registered for 3 of them offer medals or dog tags.  I guess I'm making my own medals for the others!  It may seem superficial or weird to some that I wanted to register only for bling races, but I like the sense of achievement when I look at the medals hanging together.

One of the great things about the Run for the cure and the Rattle me bones races is that we can dress up:  Vicky and I bought yards of tule to make tutus as well as tiaras to wear to the Run for the cure (gotta wear pink!)  I mean we couldn't resist the opportunity to get all decked out in pink flouffy stuff and run LOL  I totally vetoed the feather boa idea because sweat and feathers don't mix very well....  lot's of sticky pink feathers all over the place is just not the way to run a race!  And for the Rattle me Bones race I can wear my skeleton hoodie again, I <3 that hoodie so much and I can't wear it everyday yanno...

On the weigh-in side of things I hit a brick wall by gaining 2.5 pounds this past week, but man that was a good long run!  5 straight weeks of weight loss and then 3 weeks of hovering at 225.5, I mean for me that is totally awesome.  I'm used to loosing for 2 weeks and then going straight back up.  I view this as a temporary set back, a moment to catch my breath and then launch myself down the slope again :)  It's the first time in my life that I'm not phased by a weight gain at all, I think I've proven to myself that I know how to loose, I just need to refocus like a laser beam.  Weekends will probably always be my weakness and as they say in those after school specials "knowing is half the battle".

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