Thursday, October 20, 2011

Running in camo, Tiaras & Tutus, Cheap Kitchen renos, family visit and birthday month!!

Ok. BAD BLOGGER... I didn't quit.  I didn't get hit by a truck, even some seem to aim for me.  Alex pointed out that i've been quite negligent updated my blahg.  I just got really super busy, and when I wasn't busy I was EXHAUSTED!  So here it comes in a torrent of words and pictures.  Don't say I didn't warn ya!  Grab your favorite snack... sit in a comfy spot and get ready for me to ramble on. :)

Army run... I did post a quick review, but here is a pic of me crossing the finish line.

Run for the Cure on October 2nd:

My friend Vicky and I decided to sign up for the Run for the Cure to support breast cancer research.  Not because we're all charity like and stuff like that, but mainly because a lot of people wear pink (like the pink ribbons) and other cool costumes and we didn't want to miss a chance to wear pink while running.  We went shopping awhile back and bought the stuff to make pink Tutus... and on the same trip while hopped up on Starbucks and chocolate, we bought tiaras to go along with the big pink floofy tutus.  Vicky finished the race in 45 mins and I trailed in behind her at 45:15.  Pretty decent time for me since 45 seems to be my magic number and Vicky was nice enough to keep me company for the majority of the race.

Cheap kitchen reno for 700 bucks:

My Mom and Sister were coming up after the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend (11th) so I decided to reno my kitchen for the few frantic weeks leading up to their visit.  Every waking moment not spent at work was mostly spent painting, cleaning, glueing or crafting something or other.  I spent 60 bucks on a can of Smart 3 paint, about 15 bucks on podge, 35 bucks on fancy paper and about 500 bucks on Smart tiles for the back splash.  The tiles weren't cheap, but they didn't end up looking cheap either.  That's the part of the kitchen I got the most compliments on.

Family Visit and Birthday:

My Mom and sister came to visit from October 11th to October 18th and we had a blast!  We went to the movies, we went shopping, we stayed up late and talked.  My sister's friends Annica came up from Boston for the weekend and her other friend Lindsay came up from Kingston as well.  There was lot's of laughing, eating, talking and shopping :)

Vicki about to eat Sushi after over 2 years!
Annica dancing after getting some Starbucks
Vicki, my Mom Bev and Me

Going to see Footloose!

Lindsay the girl that got me into running , going for her Cinnabon fix, so we now call her Lindsabon :)


Vicki and her friends Lindsay and Annica

Me with my big birthday glass of wine, my Mom and John

Making a weird face sitting across from my friend Patti whose birthday is also on Oct. 15th 

Now everyone is gone.  I've cleaned the house.  I've done some laundry, I've slept in a bit, I've hung out with Nala the wee little puppy I've been babysitting since my birthday... and Sunday it's the Rattle me Bones Halloween race already.  Time flies when you're doing tons of stuff I tells ya!  I think I'm gonna go lay down!


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