Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Scope creep

I'm not a project manager or anything, but there are elements of my job that incorporate the philosopies of project management.  So this week when I was thinking of finally getting back to my blog, updating it with the last race, my last weigh-ins and basically getting on track, I realized that I have begun to scope creep.

Usually there is a bit of focus lost for an event or the holidays, but I usually get back to my routine fairly quick (even if I whine about it) but I feel much better once I'm back on track and somewhat sticking to a routine.  For the past few weeks (almost a month) I feel like I'm suffering for major scope creep.  The focus of my efforts and intentions seem to have shifted to crafting, cooking and laying around in my pajama's... I've become a pajama mama.

So needless to say I need to re-focus like a laser and get back on the treadmill.  Fixing the media box near the treadmill is a step in the right direction because I just can't handle being on the treadmill without being able to watch something on TV.  I could listen to music, but then my eyes would get bored.. yanno?

Vicky (my leperchaun friend) and I have tried to run the 10km schedule, but neither of us seem to be able to focus.... so i'm thinking of focusing on movement for movement's sake and not worrying about kms.  I think i'm going to suggest that we do 30 minutes per day of movement for 30 days.  It can be running, it can be weights, it can be boxing, whatever!  I'll ask her to see how she feels... but i'm up for 30 for 30.

Race pictures for Rattle me Bones coming up next post!

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  1. It's something about the freaky weather... I haven't been motivated to workout either.

    The 30/30 sounds like a good plan! I'll join you on that one :) I'm already set for today and yesterday.