Friday, November 13, 2009

Gym Spud

Went to the gym last night to do my run and I was firmly determined to run the complete day 2 of week 3.  Since I'm a dumb ass and forgot to take my earphones out of my purse and put them back into my gym bag, I ran the program from memory.... figured the other gym patrons wouldn't want to listen to my program alarms wailing as the female voice says "Run now" or "Walk now".  Nobody likes to hear an alarm when they don't need too.

So the minute and a half run part of the program is easy peasy right? and this time I know for a fact that there are a few 3 minute run sessions... but I'm ready and I plan to kick ass.  3 minute run starts... I'm running, I'm pacing myself.. don't wanna go in all guns blazing, but I'm firm and determined... 1 minute goes by, I'm golden, no issues, it's right as rain... minute 2 shows up, I'm feeling the effort, I'm beginning to breath hard, but I'm doing ok.... 2 and a half minutes and I'm really feeling it, I'm definitely breathing hard, but it's all good because I know I can make it to 3 minutes.  I'm not saying it wasn't an effort to make it to 3 mins, but the mind is a crazy tool.  Armed into the knowledge that I would need to run a full 3 mins beforehand, I did way better than the Monday night run....

The distance run was 1.58 miles or 2.52 kilometres, and that fills me with confidence that by the time race weekend rolls around, I can fer sure finish the 5 kms.  190 days to go, little over 6 months, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can LOL


  1. You must remember, too, that part of the reason we don't pace ourselves that reasonably when we run together is that we talk, lol. Maybe it just means we need to run the 3 minute part slower? We still need to breathe!

  2. You mean, you talk and I interject monosyllabic yes's and no's and sounds of disbelief when necessary LOL It easier to keep a steady pace on the treadmill or on the elliptical, that's fer sure.