Monday, February 8, 2010

Less than Spudtastic

Monday - Went to the dentist after work... got a bunch of fillings done and my mouth was hurting when the freezing started to die down, so I skipped the run.. doesn't take much does it? *lopsided pout* - 27 points

Tuesday - Swim night!  Last night of our swim course.  Either didn't work as hard as normal or i'm getting used to the arm work.  And then when we got home, we had pizza.  So I ate a whopping 62 points today... 24 of that was for the pizza... ok, back on the wagon tomorrow!

Wednesday - Grocery night, so that took some time out of my night.  Came home and put it all away, made supper, took a break and then used the Gazelle for 30 to 40 mins. - 29 points

Thursday - Doctor's appointment in the afternoon.  Same weight as last physical, no change.  But good blood pressure, good resting heart rate.  Doc is happy with my fitness plans and she wants me to keep up the good work - 30 points

Friday - Went to the Running Room @ Merivale and signed up for the 5k running clinic. Wooo!  Can't wait! - 29 points

Saturday - Cleaned house, friends coming over over for dinner, not bothering to count points today because I know i'm going way off the charts again, but by the scale it won't seem to matter because I don't lose or gain it seems.  I am eating so much fibre that I feel like a carboard factory!!!!  ewww  - too many points!

Sunday - Went and hung out with Alex at the mall and tried to be good, but ate out so i'm not sure what kind of points I ate... we had salad and I also had some soup, but who knows what the points are like.  I'll say that I hit at least 30 points, if not more even if I only ate 2 meals.


  1. I got us one more runner for the 5k course!

    I've been good since my "bad" weekend, so far, and I planned around tomorrow's night out, so I should be okay for this week.

    We can always go to Winterlude, go skate, and go swim this week for exercise. Looks like it'll be a good week :)

  2. Sweet! More runners is good :) I've been good on the food, but not good on the going to the gym.... I am planning on swimming Thursday and like you said Winterlude should get me outside at least :)