Monday, February 1, 2010

Spud tracking like crazy

Monday - Went to the gym ... 2 treadmills broken... tons of grumpy gym goers all over the place.  I spent 30 minutes on the bike and 15 mins on the stair-climber.  I wanted to run dammit!  grrr  33 points

Tuesday - Went to swim class and think I worked the H2o pretty good.  28 points

Wednesday - Had a dentist appointment, and then managed to get to the gym at 3:15 before the big rush of people that I usually encounter around 3:45.. it was awesome!  I ran level 4 day 2 all the way from beginning to end without stopping.  Woohooo, totally psyched, even if my mouth was kinda sore from the dentist... and I got to get the hell out of there before being mobbed by ... well the mob hahahah  32 points

Thursday - Soup night in our house.  Made two different zero point soups... one for the cautious soup eater and one for the veggie lover :P  Day of rest from the gym, not sore, but a bit tender in some places.  Still want to go running again, but on the 2nd day gotta rest :)  28 points today.

Friday - Should run, but have a comedy show to go to so pushing the run to Saturday... nice to go to the gym when it's not a rushed after work thing.  28 points

Saturday - Shouldn't have ignored the run that i was supposed to do last pj's today and relaxing at home is not conducive to wanting to get dressed, go out in the cold, run on a treadmill and then go back out in the cold... brrrr  30 points

Sunday - Peeved, peeved, peeved.  Spent the whole week at close to 30 points (except for the Monday @ 33 dropped myself down to 30 after that) and figured I'd get at least a 5 pound weight loss and nothing, nada, zip.  Guess i need to revamp the foods i'm eating... make sure there's not too much sodium... I'm bummed.  I don't even get a reward for my first full week.  I remember back in the day I would start a diet and loose 11 pounds... I can't even loose an ounce.... BLEH!  So just for all that.. i ate for 47 points because taking it out on myself is helpful... NOT  So i'll get back on the wagon tomorrow... all while grumbling to myself :P

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  1. Remember the most important thing -- even if you didn't lose, this week was a win-week because you didn't GAIN.
    This week was a good week because you stayed on points the majority of the week, and got exercise in. Think about it -- you could have easily made each of those days "lazy" days or "eat-too-much" days, but you didn't. That, in itself, is a victory. Be proud, stand tall, and remember, tomorrow is a new day, and we're starting a new week.
    (For the record, Sunday sucked all around... I had a headache and ate half a package of chocolate hearts. And yes, in the moment, I really thought one would cure the other... or at least distract from it.)
    Start fresh. Try again. Make this week a better week. :) You can do it!