Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Spud loves Serratonin!

Survived weeks 2 and 3 of the running room class... 5:1 and 7:1 of run + walk.  This week it's 10:1 some deity out there help me please! :P

Me and my treadmill are getting along awesomely.. I walk all over him and he helps me loose weight!  I haven't lost a ton, so I won't jinx it by getting into the numbers, but I'm just really happy that the needle on the scale is going in the proper direction.  I've lost way more inches than I have weight, so build me some of that fat burning muscle baby!  It's a good thing that running makes your body produce serratonin.. the natural happy feeling... because otherwise, I think I wouldn't like running LOL

I got my running jacket last week and tonight Alex should be getting hers  YAY!  We've come so far... didn't even think I'd get this far or stick with it this long.  Will post pictures of the treadmill and us in our jackets as soon as I get around to it :P

I've got 4 months worth of injectable iron and B12 ready to go, so I'm hoping that starting that up with help with the tired and slow weight loss ... and if nothing else, it will help me feel more human and maybe even energetic!

On that note... it's off to work, but I'd rather go back to bed... cold and rainy ... bleh

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  1. Another week to wait before my jacket... :( But, maybe it'll be sunny by then! It'd be a better picture of us if it's sunny :)

    I'm really impressed we've made it this far. Must be the good company!

    Just imagine how great it'll feel to hold that first race bib in your hands and know that you achieved your goal. It'll all be worth it!