Friday, April 16, 2010

Water just rolls off of the Spud

Last week our run was cancelled because of the lightning... booo  but on the upside it gave me time to train up to the 10 min run.  I ran on my treadmill on Saturday 10:3 and that felt pretty good.  The bigger test was when Alex and I ran outside on Tuesday night and did the 10:3 x 2. We rocked it!! :)

So when it came to our most recent Running Room class ... the day was sunny albeit a bit cool and then in the late afternoon the clouds rolled in.. but the rain stayed away while we were at Subway... and then as we decide it's time to get changed and head over to the Running Room, there was a misty rain. Booo :(

By the time we were done with the class and everyone was ready to run the rain was pretty steady, but as we both got our running jackets and had hats, the water didn't bother us at all.

And the 10 min run x 2 outside with the group? We kicked it! I was still at the back of the pack, but I don't care :) We didn't seem to be as far back as usual, but maybe that's just my wishfull thinking :)

I was so jazzed and energized when I got home... it's probably not the runners high that people talk about... must be a jolt of serratonin aka happy juice LOL

Next week we're going to be doing 10:1 x 3 so i'm going to work on that on my own and with Alex before the next class so that we can kick aces again :)

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  1. We sooo kicked it! :)

    Plus, we seem to have started collecting people. We've now got a Brenda, and by the end we had group leader Mike.

    The lesson was about setting goals, and from what I picked up, our goal of finishing the 5k, sounds perfectly reasonable for us this course. We can go onto bigger and better from there :)