Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Last Thursday we had another good run in the cold air. We ran 10:1 x 3 and that made 3kms on the route that the instructors picked. It was really good, I'm still behind the pack, but we never lost sight of them and didn't have to use the little "in case you get lost map"

The downside to running in the cold air is not being able to chat with friends while standing around our cars in the parking lot... we did for a bit, but I froze my butt off! I got home and took a warm shower and still felt cold brrr For the next few days I was sore all over :(

So this morning as I get up and see SNOW! I can't help but think that Thursday is going to be another cold air run and I'll have to remember to get to a warm place after we're done :D

I'm getting nervous about the race.. i was nervous all along, but this is more the "OMG there are 6 thousand people out here!" kind of nervous. I know I'm going to finish, and I know I'll probably do better than I expect, I just get nervous about the unknown and on that day i'll be fine :P

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  1. I think our goal is realistic :) It's just butterflies. We'll be fine! Just keep the goal in mind.