Wednesday, August 18, 2010

One step forward, one step back... rinse and repeat

Weigh in this morning has my weight back up to 236.2.  I could stomp my feet, hold my breath and whine about it until the cows come home, but that's really not going to help anyone :)

It's the week before vacation, I'm excited about leaving and doing all the wonderful things we have planned.  We seem to have a pretty heavy social calendar this week, which I will make mental note that we really shouldn't do that before leaving, but certain things like softball playoffs can't be helped.

I need to get in at least one run this week before we leave, I haven't run since last Thursday and it's weighing on my mind... hahaha and on my scale :)  I'll take the poundage hit this week without too much self hatred and kind of lump it into "vacation mode" but it just fuels me more to make sure I run while we are away.

As it stands I may have more alone time on the trip that I thought I'd be able to have since there are several early morning poker tournaments.  Tentatively I've booked myself to run Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings when the boys are off gambling.  Hopefully while they loose money, I'll loose weight LOL

One bright shinning light of optimism:  I've realized that packing technical wicking shirts is even better than traditional cotton t-shirts:  they are wrinkle free, pack really small, can be used for sightseeing and exercise equally.  Which leaves more room in my bag if I want to buy cotton souvenir t-shirts and I also get to take a much smaller bag, which means less lugging of luggage :)  Yay for the silver lining!


  1. Gotta love silver linings!

    I think though, that you'll be the only one on the trip that is hoping for a loss :)

  2. Have a good time on your vacation..