Monday, August 16, 2010

Vegas Baby!

So you're probably not going to hear much from me in the next two weeks because we're going on vacation in Vegas!  Sin City!  I'm not a gambler, I prefer to shop and have bags of stuff to bring home for my money :)  My main sin while i'm in Sin City is usually eating badly and drinking lot's of slushie drinks NOM NOM NOM  *ahem* sorry i'm getting carried away already.

My plan to stay on track is to bring my running gear and get in some kms while we are there... along with some middle of the road food choices that are not too decadent.  That way, I'm hoping that I'll still be able to have a good time and not totally fall off the wagon and get dragged behind it for several miles LOL  We'll have a full kitchen and there is a shuttle to a grocery store, so we can have most breakfasts and lunches in the room, which i'm really excited about... i'll get to see how many extra Weight Watchers products that are available in the US :)

My goal is to break even, it's a big gamble to hope that a bit of exercise (if I manage to get up early and do it) and some decent food choices (if I manage to find any) will work out for me.  This gamble is also compounded by the fact that I'm not taking my Iphone with me (don't want the roaming charges) and I won't have my easy peesy tracking tool with me.  I may try and track stuff on paper (always have a notebook in my purse) but if you're mainly eating out of restaurants and you can't measure your own food and know if they've cooked those "seasonal veggies" in a pound of butter or not, then who the hell knows how many points are in what??

I really love how one of my fave bloggers ( posts pictures of everything (and I mean everything) she eats to stay on track and accountable.  She says that if she's unwilling to show people what she wants to eat, then she shouldn't eat it. period.  end of story.  Maybe I can just use my camera and snap pics of what I eat, so that if it gets too embarrassing (50 pounds of wings and 2 pitchers of beer all to myself) than i'll probably think twice before I go ahead and eat it, if I know that someone will look at the evidence of my gluttony.... besides, pictures would be way faster than writting it down :)

We're supposed to have wi-fi access in the room, I'm not gonna hold my breath, but if we do, I'll try and at least post my food pics!

Wish me luck!  Not in gambling, but in gambling with my food/exercise and hopefully I can at least break even cause that poor horse on my horseback ride is counting on it!  LOL


  1. Being held accountable is incredibly important. I think it is a great idea that you take pictures of your food. I'll look forward to seeing them and other random Vegas pics :)

    Good luck in Sin City!

  2. Good luck! I'm sure you'll be great! Just think how motivating it was this year to find last year's Vegas clothes are too big -- keep it up, you'll do the same next year :)