Monday, August 30, 2010

Winner, winner chicken dinner!

I feel like I came back from Vegas a winner!  I didn't win any money, and I didn't loose vast amounts of weight, but I walked for 40 mins at least twice a day... that's almost an hour and  a half of walking at the bare minimum.  On the scale I think I will either break even or have a small gain, because my clothes feel the same, if not baggier in the ass... but... buns of steel always happen when I walk on vacation :)

Because we had a kitchen in our resort condo, we ate in there for lunch/brunch and only ate out once a day.  A few times we ate out twice and one of the meals we tried to split between the two of us to save on $$ and calories. 

I have food pictures!  I will start posting them tonight.  I was going to post them while on vacation, but between walking, touring, sight seeing, roller coasters, eating out, going to bed late and getting up early, I was too pooped out to do more than watch TV and drink water when we were in the condo....

Pictures to follow and official weigh-in is on Wednesday morning!

Stay tuned :)

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  1. I'm glad you came back. Things got crazy in your absence!

    So, pictures? Pictures?? PICTURES!!! :)