Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dr. Feelgood!

Birthday and Halloween are over for another year.  Check
Expected weight gain is showing on the scale.  Check
Getting back on the wagon without too much whining about it.  Check

My Endocrinologist (Doctor that follows my diabetes) is happy with my blood sugars (6 - normal is between 4 and 8)  he is happy with my blood pressure (126/70 (i think 70 was the bottom #) - normal average is 125/83) what I'm disappointed with is that my weight has remained the same since my appointment in May :(

So had I not had the b-day and Halloween-I-don't-give-a-crap weight on my butt, I would have shown a weight loss per the Docs records.  He never harps about my weight, he is awesome that way, but I harp about my weight to myself....  He said that I can extend my next visit from 6 months to a year now that I have such great numbers.  That just makes another goal for myself to show a significant amount of weight loss for my next appointment in November of next year :)

I think I still have time to loose a good 10 to 15 pounds before Christmas, so I'm going to try and keep that as my short term goal, since there are no more races for the winter season.

I'm a bit concerned that my right knee and ankle are not enjoying the extra mileage.  It seems that anything over 5km seems to make them twingy and/or hurty... so I'm going to try and power walk my kms up to 10km... especially for the high mileage days during the week and on Saturday for the short run I can actually run that one.

My weigh-in day is getting switched to Friday mornings.  Weekends are still a dangerous time of the week and I think that moving my weigh in day will alleviate a bit of the pressure while I try and tweak my meal plan to try and make weekends more stable.

Alex and I have talked about it via e-mail as we are known to do... and Alex figures I've got two choices... stop sleeping in and eat the exact same way I would during the week... OR sleep in, but still schedule the same meals and 3hr intervals.... so same eating, just time shifted....I'm willing to try both, but I know myself and I'll probably get all pouty and bummed when I miss my sleep in times... I'm not very good at napping... have difficulties falling asleep during the day.... oh well... I'll just have to exercise more and tire myself out...

Zumba classes, here we come!!

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  1. Zumba! Zumba! Zumba! I'd get up Saturday morning for that :)