Friday, December 3, 2010

YES! Bring on the magic!

Awesome!  I have dropped 3 pounds from my 4 pounds and change gain from last weeks time warp /sick week.  I didn't exercise this week due to being tired but I'm starting to feel totally like me again.  I intend to add the exercise back beginning this weekend along with tons of Christmas decorating and gift wrapping :)

I got a comment last week on my blog from an Anonymous reader (Thanks for reading Anon!)  Anon brought up a good point that I had already been thinking about and pondering how to implement.  Simply put, Anon said "Eat less" and "use a smaller plate"  both great tips to deal with the scale in general.  I was interpreting it in a different way with this thought in my head "Maybe Weight Watchers points are set up for people in general and most overweight people are basically sedentary so a big reduction of calories in the beginning when they implement the points system they drop weight fairly consistently and mostly up until they get within 20lbs of their goal weight."   Soooo my brain kept whirling and whirling... I've lost about 20 lbs since Alex and I started running ... my eating has slowly evolved to mostly non processed foods, lots of veg and fruit, lean meats and a fair amount of exercise.  All good things to get into the habit of doing, great long term investments into a healthy lifestyle, but it felt like maintenance without any weight loss results.

In the summer when I did a big push to increase exercise it made a bit of a difference, but I couldn't keep up with that much exercise without giving up cleaning my house :P  Tempting as that may be, I have to balance everything in my life, soooo back to the drawing board... or thinking board :D  What if the points are too generous for me?  What if I were to lower my daily points allowance by a smidgen to see if that would be enough to kick start the scale, yet not cause the body to get stingy and really lock down on the weight loss (aka starvation mode) or worse yet, cause my brain to flip out and cause a-fall-off-the-wagon-eating-festival? *shudder*

You see, currently per the WW system (Momentum Plan, not Points Plus) for my height, age, gender, type of job and being in the 230's, I should be using up 28 points per day (1400 calories)  with an additional 35 flex points per week.  I haven't used my activity points in several months and try to only use my flex points occasionally.   I grabbed my WW documentation and went through it and recalculated the points total as if I weighed 200 (I WISH!) and it totaled up to 25 points (1250 calories) and since Monday I've been following the 25 points and so far 3 pounds down.  It's only been 5 days, but so far it feels good.

It's too soon to tell if this is indeed a good course of action, but with time and some exercise added into the mix, maybe I'll find my recipe to make weight loss magic!

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  1. I am also on Weight Watchers and it is working for me. I could use some of that weight loss magic so send some my way..