Monday, November 29, 2010

A week of my life is missing!

OK, so it's not that dramatic, but in the scheme of things, it's kind of annoying.  I was out of commission for a week with Strep throat.  Bleh ... No exercise... No dieting... No tracking... No nothing.  Absolutely nothing constructive at all was accomplished... I didn't even write Christmas cards.  I suck!

So to backtrack to the weekend before the big time warp, the experiment went very well and taught me many things.  On the Friday we went to the Keg armed with all their website nutritional info and we came out winners.  My weight did not go up due to the restaurant outing and in fact it went down a bit.  On Saturday it was part 2 of the experiment and armed with nothing really.... things went horribly horribly wrong.  I tried to stick to the veggie trays (thankfully there were 2 kinds of veggie trays) but found myself nibbling on a few cashews here, and a few chocolate covered almonds there.... those suckers add up quick.  Obviously I went to the party hungry, and I really should have prepared better for it...Then dinner was steak with scalloped potatoes.  The steak was probably double what I should have eaten and the potatoes should not have graced my plate at all.  So 3 pound gain for one night out... basically trashed my whole week's worth of work in one evening.

And then I got sick on Sunday.....  which meant I gained more... NO FAIR!


Back at work today, back to tracking, dieting and hopefully this evening I won't be too wiped out to even walk on the treadmill for a bit...

On at least a different note... looking forward to hearing more details about the new Weight Watchers plan.  I'm thinking if things don't start to move around, I may invest in going to the meetings... as a gift to myself... I can always quit after I get all the new books on the new plan if I find that it's too expensive...stay tuned!


  1. Yeah, once you have the books you're set. We could always do support meetings together, weekly, if that'd help. :)

  2. I have been reading your blogs for a while and I don't like to make suggestions or give advice but I see that you are having a bit of a struggle dropping weight. As a fellow one who struggled for many many months/years. I think I'll pass on what my monster-in-law passed on to me that I am greatful for. Her idea - Eat less. Very hard to do. I started eating off a tea cup plate for every meal... I was so hungry that first month. I chewed and chewed gum to defeat that. I have now dropped 48 pounds and I have kept it off for 10 months. Yes exercise is great but for me.. I goto work its dark I get home its dark. I sit in front of a computer all day. Anyways passing on my monster-in-laws advice.. That I am thankful for!!!

  3. Hey Anonymous, thanks for the tip. :) It's funny you mention the "eat less" strategy because I went back and looked at how Weight Watchers assigns points to people and I decided to lower my basic points allowance to 25 instead of 28. It's only 150 calories less, but i'm thinking it might just be enough of a calorie reduction to make a difference, but not enough to make me hungry or make my body think i'm being mean. I'm not sure where you live, but it sounds like you have the same lifestyle/work environment/schedule as me, which is why I am very thankfull for my treadmill as well as my gym membership... Running outside is my favorite, but I'm too wimpy to run outside in the cold :)