Tuesday, May 24, 2011


A co-worker of mine was so sweet and bought me some Gerber daisies to cheer me up or to stop me from whinning about my root canal LOL

The tooth still hurts off and on, but I have hopes that it will be better after root canal part deux this Friday.

Speaking of Friday, that's also the day I pick up my race kit for this weekends race. I'm excited for the race even if I don't think I'll achieve a personal best, but best of all I'm not nervous. I know I can complete a 5km distance and I've run this route for the Army Run. I will probably enjoy the whole experience that much more this year.

After this race my next event is the Weight Watchers walk-it challenge on June 12th, then July 2nd is the 5 mile Perth Kilt run, which might be mostly walking. I think I could probably run most of the distance, but I'm going with a group that plans to walk. Moving is moving in my book!

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