Sunday, May 22, 2011


I always seem to have the hardest time to get out of the 230's.  All my adult life, whenever I lost weight the 230's have always been the "rut" I got caught in.  I've read articles about set point weight and stuff like that, which could be part of it... but I think it's a combo of that, mental roadblocks and a friggin' root canal thrown in for fun.
When you think about it, roadblocks can also be mistaken for hurdles.  Just need extra output of energy to get over hurdles.

My Weight Watcher group leader suggested that I write a goal weight on my arm like Jay of  Biggest Loser season 11.  I think I'll go a bit beyond that and put a number on my bathroom mirror... focus on it and day of weigh in, i'll write a number on my arm......  Oh and I'll exercise and stick to my points too, might help a bit LOL
She also said that if you "ignore" your weight watchers lifestyle on weekends or when on vacation, you're on a diet, and that's not good.  It needs to be a regular part of your life 24/7, you don't have to be perfect, but you have to track everything, good, bad and ugly.  Apparently if you go to a breakfast buffet on the weekend and not write down what you eat, you can guesstimate wrong (grossly wrong sometimes) and think you still landed within your points range.  No frickin' kidding!!!  Therefore I plan to write down as best as I can all the good, bad and ugly points... so that the number I write on my bathroom mirror and arm actually happens. :D

Next weekend is my 2nd race of the season... it's not going to be faster that my best time, but I love running, so I'm just going to enjoy my day, get some bling, eat a bagel and hug my friend Bill who plans to cheer me on :)


  1. The ignoring WW comment draws a parallel to AA -- only with food, you can't just stop eating. But it's the same thing on some level -- you don't stop being the way you are, you just learn techniques to live with it. You have to be aware all the time so you don't succumb to weaknesses or pitfalls. And that's not easy to do, because they are everywhere.

    So, rely on your support system -- I know you've got a good one! -- and set your goal. Also, maybe it's time to seek professional help? Can your sis look at your food plan and make suggestions as a dietitian? Or maybe your diabetes counsellor? Your specific body may be doing things differently than the 'typical/average' body that WW is aiming for. Maybe your blood sugar or iron levels are making your metabolism behave differently to your weight loss efforts than you are expecting... it can't hurt to ask.

  2. Also, good luck with the race :) You know I'm always rooting for you!!

  3. I wouldn't enlist professional help just yet... there's nothing wrong with the WW plan, it's me who hasn't been following it properly. I always struggle with the 230's but add in the "half assed tracking" on weekends and it's a recipe for disaster. I firmly point the finger at me first and foremost. The added challenge of the root canal was like a triple whammy..but I know how to get back on the wagon and apply myself. It will be easier now that the weatre is getting better..woohoo!