Monday, June 14, 2010

...and the Spud keeps on running! Mucho Mojo!

After the victorious race finish we took a few days to relax, not a full week, but close!  It was okay, I thought I'd enjoy the time off more, but I didn't really.  Kept worrying that I'd end up loosing all my running mojo and momentum and getting upset thinking how depressed I'd be if I'd wasted this whole past year working up to a great achievable goal and then just sitting on the couch full time again.  NO NO NO!!!  So even before I got a chance to talk it over with Alex, I went ahead and signed up for another 5km Running Room class.  It's on Friday nights this time (instructors choice I think) but it's good because I can decompress the next day if needed and it doesn't mess with Wenesday night softball games.  I thought Alex might skip it due to prior commitments with a good friend of hers (Friday night is Jess's night) but she decided to sign up to keep her mojo going too :D

I gotta say, i'm really liking this new running group, it's a much smaller group, the people seem friendlier and we lucked out with two great instructors again.  Linda and Debbie explained that the last group was much bigger because it was just before the National Capital Race and that lots of people sign up just to be able to get in line before the race.  That first group would never turn around and walk back to come find the "back of the pack" people like me and once the run started we never saw them until they were up against the building stretching or driving out as we were arriving into the parking lot.  Our current group not only walks back, but about a minute before the walk is supposed to begin, they run back and walk with us.  It's a nice, we feel more like we are part of the group and it really encourages me to try and keep up as much as possible.  Linda says that if people are strong enough to run ahead so far, that means they can afford to run back to up their distance and that running back is not falling back, it's just building on their base.

Upcoming Goals for the remainder of 2010:

- Loose 10 pounds before September
- Run another 5km in August (Rainy River Run) take 2mins off my race time
- Buy new running shoes
- Attend Aquafit and at least 1 practice run per week.
- Sign up for another running class before winter (August to October)
- Run another 5km in September (Army Run) take 2 more mins off

- Run another 5km in October to celebrate my 40th b-day (MADD dash) take 2 more mins off
- Speed training on my treadmill over the winter
- Buy smaller jeans... :P
- Continue to be Awesome

I'm toying with the idea of posting on the side of my blog a weekly weigh in like people with their weight watchers blogs.  It might be a step closer to accountability, force me to be that much better at tracking (although with the iphone i think i'm better at that than ever before) but just making sure that I don't dip into the flex points and focus more on using half of my activity points if I earn em.  And above all else, smarter choices when eating out.  That is the biggest killer in my opinion is trying to find point safe stuff at restaurants.  You can order 2 sides of veggies, but is it really worth it if they cook em in butter?  Maybe I need to be more vocal about asking for healthy choices like steamed and broiled instead of fried and soaked in butter....

Big bottomed line is that I have to really concentrate on the weight loss portion at this stage because I'm really feeling good with the running and I want to get faster, but that is really hard to do when I still feel so heavy... hauling this carcass around is exhausting LOL  I want to go faster!!!!!!!!!!  ZOOM ZOOM

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  1. I hear you on the new shoes -- I'll do that before I go see anybody about my knee. Probably that's all I need, if I don't go crazy on my poor knee.

    Keep motivated! We'll keep going :) It's already habit now, you know?