Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sometimes you just need a big purse to stay on track....

I'm not talking about being a Golden Girl and shoving tuna fish salad from a buffet into your purse, oh no no no! I'm talking about using a big purse to carry low fat foods with you into venues that don't offer low fat versions of anything...and when I bring my stuff it's cheaper too.... and proof of that is Exhibit A:
Well Ribfest is over. I'm sad, but really damn happy at the same time. We went back on Saturday afternoon and I had some pulled pork and some chicken. Strangely enough I lost weight Sunday morning, but I destroyed that loss during the day by eating movie popcorn.... CRIPES! I know way better than that! But I was too lazy to change out my purse for a bigger purse and bring my own low fat, low point popcorn and just buy diet coke from the concession stand. Instead we shared a large popcorn WITH BUTTER! Yes liquid gold. Two diet cokes... no biggie and to make things worse... a bag of Aero bites and a bag of O'Henry bites. And then at intermission John wanted another diet coke, so I got that as well as another medium popcorn, but no butter this time.....sigh *kicks self repeatedly in the butt if that were physically possible* Total monetary cost of this eating extravaganza: 30 bucks! And their concession stand is cheaper than the big movie theatres because it's an old privately owned place that occaissionaly shows double features.. totally awesome place.. except for the 2 tonnes of popcorn that I inhaled :(

So this week looks like it's basically a write off for points.. I tracked everything and I managed to blow through all but 8 of my 35 flex points even before I got to Sunday (Thanks Ribfest!) and I only walked 5kms last Wednesday for the Weight Watchers Walk It Challenge.... No running, no Aquafit and no practice runs. So now that I've thoroughly berated myself and my inner skinny chick is in the corner crying... my outer fat chick is going over and comforting her and promising to be very good this week. I will probably not be able to redeem myself before the Wednesday morning Weight Off (aka weigh in) but my mission is to plan the heck out of my points. Some of my favorite bloggers take pictures of everything they eat... and I mean everything! I don't know if I can do that.... but I'm going to try logging my points publicly to see if that helps:

2 slices of Wonder Woman Bread = 1 point
2 slices of low fat cheese = 1 point
3 slices of low fat turkey = 1 point
1 litre of water (Nalgene bottle full of water & Ice) = 0 point
2 servings of Low fat Vanilla Latte = 2.6 points

Cashews 21g = 3.2 points

Lunch salad:
1 cup yellow zucchini = 0 point
2 mini cucumbers = 0 point
1 plum tomato = 0 point
1 cup chopped white mushrooms = 0 point
1/2 cup brown rice = 1.4 points
6 slices of low fat turkey = 2 points
Italian dressing, 4 Tbsps = 0.4 points

Thinsations cookies = 2 points
Crispy minis = 1.8 points
Sparkling water = 0.2 points

Diet Pepsi = 0 points
3 WW flat rolls = 3 points
Turkey pepperoni = 3 points
Pizza sauce = 0.8 points
Baby Bel cheese = 6 points

Thinsations cookies = 2 points
2 Jello sf pudding = 2 points

I ran for about 40 mins and pounded out 2.5 kms at 10:1 x 2. So that earned me about 8.5 Activity points.

So that means 28 + 8.5 = 36.5 points allowed for the day.  I used up 32.6 so when all was said and done, I had 3.9 points left for the day....Yay me! Several days of being good like this should get me back on track :)
I'm really glad I have my Iphone app to keep track of all the stuff I eat because man, when I look at the list.. it's loooong!


  1. I take it you are on WW. I have thought about going back to WW myself. I like going to the meetings. You are doing great on it to.

  2. Hey Debbie, I haven't joined WW or even registered for the online stuff, but I bought the books on E-bay and use an Iphone app to track my daily points. WW is a pretty good program and the best part is that you can eat "normal" foods and don't have to buy anything special. I'd love to see my weight go lower faster, but that would require me to work out much more than I do, you know... Biggest Loser style hehehe