Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Victorious Spud!!

I made it to the finish line!

Race weekend was this past weekend... i was nervous and excited and totally pumped!

Alex and I met at Rideau Centre and had the traditional race day Cinnabon in honour of Lydsay (my sister's friend that ran the 10km last year) In retrospect a cinnabon on race day for someone who is diabetic was probably a pretty risky move LOL Aside from being a bit nauseated after eating it... it went away after a bottle of water was consumed and I made mental note to stick with the minibon from now on...

We walked around Rideau Centre a bit, but it wasn't even close to AC'd so we figured we'd do better in the shade at the park.. so we walked down, threw our running numbers on and found some of the people from our class sitting around the fountain. We babbled quite excitedly as the time drew closer and closer until we saw it was 4:30 and decided to make our way to our start corals. Alex and I were supposed to be in red, but we went one closer to the start in purple because red was on the other side of the Laurier bridge!! Tons of people. Shaun was waaay up front somewhere and Karen and Karen were dropped off in yellow... i think...

There were some minor annoyances like the fact that the walkers and people with strollers took over the whole width of the road... it was very hard to get around people while trying to do our 10 and 1's and a few times i hopped up on the grass... grrr seriously stick to the right hand side... take a Running Room class people! The weather was great, sunny warm and an occaisional cool breeze, it was lovely in the shade.. when you could find it :P The pavement however had been cooking in the sun all day and the most of the heat was radiating from it like a frying pan... I wanted to check my sneakers for melting :P

When we made it to the water station I was thinking to myself "it's already 4km!" and Alex was getting excited too because she wanted to sprint from the 500m mark but I just couldn't anymore... so I said 100m and she had a deal.... I was proud that we'd kept pace with the two guys in the full fur mascot suits LOL

Our finish time was 47:25.5 and our gun time was 57:35.5 so 10 mins to cross the start line!!

I have now made myself a list of race for the remainder of 2010 and will decide which ones I want to register for AND most important of all, i've registered for another 5km clinic....woohoo! We're runners!

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  1. I found the race to be more fun than I was expecting. I'm not normally a fan of crowds. :/ But, the hype is easy to get caught up in.

    We'll sign up for next year, for sure!