Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cha cha chaaaaanges

So I've been changing my blog layout and look... so far I like it... let me know if some font colours or features are annoying, because so far I'm good with it.  I hate it when I go to someone else's blog and I can't read their blog posts unless I highlight the whole site... the text shouldn't be the same colour as your background people!  Do a preview! 

I've added some of the blogs I follow.. mostly weight watchers related.  Great inspiration to see how many people are doing so well following the program and they usually post some really good recipes :)

I've also added a Weight Off list as inspired by the WW bloggers.  They post a weekly weigh-in amount and since i'm committing to really concentrate on my WW program now that I've run my first 5km, I figure it's one more step towards accountability and being a good girl :P  I didn't post a big long list of all my weigh ins for the last few years.. I just posted my 320 weight pre WLS and then my weight last June before my friend ran her 10km and then this mornings weight which I'm happy to say is in firmly and irrevocably well planted in the mid 30s!!!  Woohooo for 235.4!!!  I don't know if you remember, but I kept complaining about loosing the same 10 pounds over and over (stuck in the 240's) but I think I'm working that out.  I think that I'm getting a handle on the weekend weight gain.....(loose during the week, gain on the weekend, hence stuck in the 240s)  and doing the Running Room class on Friday night, plus the practice run on Sunday morning followed by Aquafit is the trick.  Less time to sit around and eat... who woulda thunk it eh? LOL 

I thought that I would be crankier for being busier on the weekend and not feel like I got a chance to "relax" or get some quality "rest" time, but so far it's been good.. adding a different type of exercise like Aquafit and soon some cycling seems to be the magical key.  Running 3 times a week was great for my 5km program, but it wasn't doing much more than just helping me maintain my weight and possibly loose a pound or so a month.

I want to run at least 3 more 5km races this year and I figure that loosing weight will really help me get better race times... we'll see how it goes :)  Maybe I'll have to post a list of my races run and the race times... almost as fun as the Weight Off list hehehe  I love making lists!

Speaking of changes... I almost forgot!  Last night I decided to go for a run around my neighborhood instead of on my treadmill because I wanted to see how much progress I've made compared to running in my neighborhood last year.   I ran 7 and 1 x 3 for a total of 3.5 kms, but the remarkable thing for me was the fact that on my first 7 minute run I ran alllllll the way down to my halfway point from last year... it was freaking awesome!  And then I had to run all over the neighborhood to keep going for my other two 7 min runs  SO ENCOURAGING and AWESOME!!!

Changes are good!

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  1. I came across your blog on another one that I am following. You have done great and my hat is off to you. I am still in the walking stage and using my wii fit.