Thursday, September 2, 2010

I should have bet money ....

As expected, my weigh in determined that I went up 2 pounds over vacation in Vegas.  I should have bet money on it, I knew that I'd go up a bit, but I also knew that I hadn't gone up a lot because my clothes still felt the same.

Vegas pictures are still in progress, I need to get copies of pictures from our friends as they took a ton of pictures and some of the pictures I want to post up are only on their camera... go figure :P

Tonight is first night back at Running Room after 2 weeks off.  Hopefully all the walking I did in Vegas will have helped me maintain at least the muscle and a bit of the stamina/endurance.  It's still pretty hot around here, so hopefully the wind will continue to cool us off for our evening run.

I've pretty much decided that after this clinic is done I'm going to switch to the Running Room that is closer to my house.  It's a quick drive from my work, but if I want to run the practice runs, it's a long drive from my house.  I'm kinda sad because I really like the people at my current Running Room and I don't know anyone at all at the Orleans location, but I just can't afford the gas that is required to drive almost all the way across town.  Want to save more money and put it towards vacations :P

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