Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm a Superstar!

This morning's weigh in was great!  - 3 pounds... wooohooo!  Me likee a lot :)  Now to just continue in the downward trend!

I'm still waiting on the other parts of the Vegas pics :(  Boooohisssss.  I think I may contact my friends directly.. might get the ball rolling... besides, I want to print some of the pics in large size and hang them up!

I got the bf to take a picture of me on my treadmill last night and tonight i'm going to splice it next to that old grey t-shirt picture of me and post it up... at least that's something to nibble on while you wait for my Vegas picture extravaganza.

I'm slowly getting back into the groove of being home, but we still seem extremely busy socially, so this past weekend (long labour day weekend) I took my time and cleaned the house on and off between periods of resting and reading.  I got lot's done, but there is lot's more to be done.  I managed to get 4.2 km done last Thursday and 4km done last night... would have done more, but the need for the washroom became urgent.

I don't know about you guys, but it seems everytime I start running I feel the urge to go.... someone once explained that it's because as we run we clench our stomach muscles to stabilize our balance and by working our core like that it seems to help the digestive system speed things up.  As long as it's not too fast, I'm OK with it... just let me finish my damn run!  :P

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  1. Yay! It's going in the right direction again :)

    I seem to be suffering the same problem -- so much to do, so little time. Work just keeps getting in the way!