Thursday, September 16, 2010

Slow, slow, slow but with a chance of high hopes

Down 0.4 at weigh in this week, it's not much, but I appreciate it.  I don't mind slow weight loss, as long as it stays off, but my history seems to indicate lot's of ping ponging within the same "decade" of weight.  I bounced around the 240s, now I'm bouncing around the 230s.

It indicates to me pretty clearly that now that I've got the eating thing mostly under control, I need to add more activity, and more intensity.  So I've decided to sign up for another Running Room class, but I'm going to opt for the 10km class.  I predict lot's of whining and moaning and sore legs, but I also don't expect to run the actually 10km race that the class is geared for :P

#1 - Because the race is the Resolution Run (COLD WINTER!)
#2 - I will be away visiting my family for Christmas and possibly New Years
#3 - I don't expect to easily be able to accomplish 10km distance.

I intend to repeat the 10km class a few times, so if I don't do so great the first class, no biggie, especially since I won't run *that* race... maybe I can run the 2nd race :)

I also want to add more weight training, core training and possibly some skipping... yeah you read that right... skipping....  Loved skipping as a kid, and it's a great workout... I just don't have a lot of room to do it... I'll probably have to skip in the laundry room... at least the ceiling is high hahahaha :P  Oh crap, guess I should do laundry while I'm in there right?  :P

So in conclusion, I'm still a slow runner (best 5km time to date was 44mins 44 seconds) and I'm a slow weight loss loser (20 pounds recently and 85.2 total since the true battle began) but I'm happy with what I've accomplished and I'm gonna keep on truckin' as they said in the 70s.  I've got high hopes to hit the 220's before Xmas... that would be a great gift to myself!

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  1. Maybe there's a Wii-fit version of skipping? Or try DDR in your living room -- same idea, more interesting ;)

    Good luck Carol! I know you can do the 10K :) Keep up the good work!!!!