Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tight shirts, cute army guys and nipply weather aka Ottawa's 5km Army Run

I can't believe I've run three 5km races this year and soon prepping for a 4th... wow I'm easy to impress hahaha

Sunday morning was sunny and cold!  I was going to take the bus downtown like we did for the May race weekend, but it was a Sunday morning and the buses seem to run when they feel like it, so I quickly drove downtown whilst keeping my fingers crossed on getting a parking spot (I should get a medal just for that amazing feat!)

I lucked out and got a great spot in the World Exchange underground parking.  I wandered over to the "Athletes recovery zone"  hehehe  I'm an athlete :)  *ahem* anyway, after pinning my number on, putting my hoodie in my backpack and stashing it with the lugage check people, I headed over to my coral to wait in the cold for about 40 mins in a tight technical shirt whilst trying not to show too much nipplage around the young cute army guys hahaha.

There were less people than the May race, so after the cannon went off and scared the beejezus out of all of us, it took me less than 4 mins to get across the Start.  So i'm freaking out... cause I have no reason to not run up the hill... so I ran up the hill.... DUH!  I should have power walked it.... Anyway, the race went really well otherwise... I tried to catch up to the 40 min pace bunny, but she was gone so fast, I never saw her again.....  then once I got to the point where I could see the finish line and the recovery tents... the 45 min pace bunny passed me!  WTF????  But again stupid me had skipped my last walk break because I didn't want to get too far behind the 45 min bunny.... so instead of giving er hell for the last 500 metres, I kept the same pace and finished with a cannon time of just over 50 mins.

I tried to stick around to find out my chip time, but the results were only printed up to 37 mins and I had people waiting for me at a local restaurant.  Then began the excruciating wait to find out my race results.... I saw the results last night just before bedtime... finally!  I finished with 45:09.  

It's not the 42 mins I was waiting for, but I'm still quite pleased.  It just proves to me that I still love running, I still want to do more and that I desperately need to get me a Garmin watch... cause then I could have pushed it a bit more by keeping an eye on my pace.

As promised... here is a comparison between me of June 2009 and me of September 2010... guess which one is which :P

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  1. Hey! You've got eyes in this pic! lol

    Congrats :)

    Keep up the good work! ... and keep an eye on the army boys... always a good thing ;)