Friday, September 25, 2009

Spandex Sausage....

Alex and I ran around on one of the ball diamonds at the RA after work this evening.  We've done that a few times before, it's awesome.  We're outside, the weather is awesome, the terrain is nice and flat (except near home plate) and the area is pretty far from the road unlike the bike path.  You're probably thinking "Hey! Why aren't you crazy ladies running on said bike path... well let me just elaborate point form:

- The bike path near the RA is right along Riverside road (VERY LOUD) so we can't hear the running program queues on my iphone
- It's a "bike" path, not a running path, so we have to share with many other people and I was not growing fond of diving into the grass every time I heard a bike bell behind us.  It messes up my rhythm (LOL)
- The path is situated along the north side of Riverside, so we have to cross the whole front lawn of the RA centre (4 ball diamonds) as well as four busy lanes of traffic just to get to the path.
- The path has a lot of hills... don't sneer at me!  It's a struggle to run for 90 seconds on flat terrain... cut me some slack people LOL

So, before we went and messed up the pristine ball diamond we took pictures of ourselves to put into the blog... Alex looks all cute and sporty and I look like sausage that didn't get shoved into it's casing properly LOL  Oh well.. it's like I told Alex... it will make the before and after pics much more dramatic hahaha *ahem*  We're all about the drama here at spud TV :P

Anywho, I guess I should actually write about the run.  So we ran all of the 90 second segments today without finishing early AND I think my breathing was much better.  No Dave, I didn't listen to you and try and slow my breathing... I just needed to breathe less.  Slow my breathing????  Jeez people, I'm trying to haul 80 extra pounds around I'm going to be breathing like a porn star out there... I might even moan and groan a bit too! 

In my book, that's progress.  You're going to get sick of reading about me being "amazed" and "ecstatic" about my progress... well if you're going to get sick of that... you're on the wrong blog because I was freaking thrilled about the breathing thing tonight!  If I could do cartwheels, I would have mustered up the energy to flip at least one of those mofos out to celebrate :P  I also whipped out the measuring tape and took some measurements for posterity.  The scale isn't moving right now, so I figured maybe some shrinkage was going on around the ol spud's middle.  I looked for the measurements I'd taken in February or even in May and I think I tossed them... WHINE!  I seem to be doing everything backwards LOL

Chest = 50 inches  Waist = 46  Hips = 54

I am not built like an hourglass, I seem to be built like about an hour and a half :P  If the scale never moves it won't be a big deal if the inches change... i should probably measure my calves and thighs.... *sigh* I'm sure I have a tape measure around here somewhere..... more measurements to follow... tape is eluding me.

I was talking to my co-worker Dave today about the lack of movement in the scale and he was shocked to hear that I'm trying to stick to 1500 calories per day to lose weight.... I told him that men are around 1800-2000 and he didn't realize there was that much of a difference... hell ya!  I'm thinking the lack of movement on the scale is because I'm not doing enough regular cardio...  Running is great cardio, but it's quite a short work out really... and it tires me out a lot more than just walking on the treadmill for an hour or even two hours.... I'm thinking that on my off nights I should go to the gym and start doing weights again as well as a few km's on the treadmill.  Just walking should still be considered "rest" and It'll help boost my metabolism.  Yay revved up metabolisms!

Alex looking all cute and SportySpice-like

Me looking like a badly stuffed spandex sausage :P

ps 239 days to D day

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  1. I think you really should record all the good days, and the happy feelings -- sooner or later we'll have a bad run day, and want to give up, and all the good, warm, happy feelings will be needed so that one bad day doesn't cause us to throw in the towel.

    Also, I think I will need to invest in a long sleeved wicking t-shirt like yours -- the jacket was overkill yesterday once we really got running.