Sunday, September 20, 2009

Running from a late night...

We stayed up a bit late last night... had a *few* drinks.  This morning was rough LOL  Alex and I dragged our butts out there and we did really well considering we weren't feeling in top form.  I'm really glad we went out, but I was dreading it before we went :P  I struggled a bit and finished early on one of the run sections, but it's really encouraging that I ran most of it even with Alex because she makes me run faster.  I was thinking I was be really easy on myself on Friday, but maybe I wasn't as easy on me as I thought.... the feeling of progress is like flying... elated! However, at the end of the day my analysis is this:  Don't drink anymore booze and drink more water.. i'm not hydrating enough even on the best of days.  Would it look stupid if I walked around at work with a water bottle belt like the runners wear? :P

For you beginners out there, or people who are thinking of running, I've found this guy online and he has a few interesting videos on his site:

Some of his stuff is really interesting and some of it is a bit odd, like the fact that he likes to run bare feet or with these little molded shoes that look like rubber feet... they look odd, but I bet they are comfy for someone that isn't 80 pounds over their goal weight hehehe  But weird rubber feet aside, I like his attitude, he says stuff like "don't worry about what to wear, just start running!"  Get out there and do it... and do it we shall :)

Alex has suggested that the reward for getting halfway should be that we buy ourselves some running jackets with the cool selection of colours and the reflective tape.  I think it's an awesome idea for a reward, something great to run towards.
Now we just need to decide which point is halfway LOL

Soon we're going to move on to week 3 of the run program and I hope I can keep chugging along like the engine that could...

The doo run run, the doo run run (Shawn Cassidy)

ps 244 days to D day


  1. I wouldn't discount your running so much -- this run you only stopped early once -- that's progress from our normal runs :) That's especially impressive on a "recovery" weekend.

    I like the lavender jacket. But I'm in a purple phase lately. I say if we can finish week 5, we'll call that "half-way". So, if we can run week five, without stopping early on any of the runs, we'll call it successful and go shopping!

    I'm a real fan of the morning runs. I'm much more energized early on -- the day hasn't run me down yet, I guess. See ya Tuesday!

  2. Ok, deal on the week 5 shopping trip for the jackets... ugh.. now for weeks of agonizing over which colour to get LOL

    I used to love working out in the morning... before I worked 7:30 to 3:30 :P